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Halloween Safety Tips for Parents

October 25, 2017
girl in a suit of skeleton

Here comes the season of hunting for candies and cookies, hundreds of little ghosts, vampires, skeletons, goblins and other spooky creatures  flooding onto the streets yelling trick-or-treat and harvesting sweets from terrified citizens. Children adore this holiday as there are so many activities that may bring a lot of laughter and entertainment: carving Halloween pumpkin – a lantern for poor old soul Jack stuck between hell and skies, preparing the best and scariest costume, wandering from house to house in search of sweets – what can be better than that?

And if for kids Halloween is a holiday filled with joy, for parents it is a nightmare, because of many dangers both offline and online that should be prevented.

evil clown Halloween


Tips to Protect Your Kids on Halloween

Children always pay a lot of attention to their costumes: they want to meet All Saints Day ahead of the game. Parents also should make some preparations: for example, make sure that a costume is flame retardant, accessories would not harm anyone, and it is noticeable in the crowd.

Do not forget to check all sweets before children eat them: some may cause allergy reaction, some are inappropriate for kids of young age, some may contain toys with small parts – pay attention to that.

Explain your children that it is forbidden to step inside unknown home or apartment without supervision – adults should come forward and give sweets to trick-or-treaters. By the way, adults should also keep alert: make sure that you open the door to a kid, because many robbers can take an advantage of this situation.

Till recent times all you could be afraid of on Halloween was running out of sweets before the last group of kids came to your house. Today you have to be afraid of your own web-connected gadgets: there are plenty of cases of rogue apps, scam schemes, emails with viruses that get their trick-or-treat loot not scaring but deceiving reliant users.

Popular social media platforms are ideal places for spreading fake Halloween gift cards, video clips etc. For example, you may find YouTube videos entitled “Get Free Visa Gift Card by Buying a Halloween costume” – under the video there will be a link to scam site that will gather your personal information in a couple of clicks.

There are no less than 400 malicious apps that use Halloween theme to steal personal information, get access to your device and install other malware it your device. Install apps only from reliable app marketplaces like Google Play Market or AppStore.

It is advisable to instruct your children about all possible dangers of online Halloween. Show them what videos look suspicious and explain why they should never follow links from unknown sources. Educate them about the necessity of protection of personal information which they should never share online. Monitor apps that they install on their devices and make sure that they have set solid privacy settings on their social media accounts.

Celebrate All Saints Day with joy and pleasure – do not let anyone rain on your parade!

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