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Helpful Apps for Parents to Handle Daily Routine

October 30, 2015
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Being a parent is probably the toughest job ever. Though one of the most pleasurable as well. Parents have neither vocations nor sick leaves. They can’t take a day off or quit. Parenting means being ready for anything on Earth 24/7.

To make parents’ lives a little easier, we have put together a list of helpful apps to handle everyday activities. Check it out below.

1) Cozi (iOS | Android). The application helps you handle your busy household from one easy-to-use control panel. It allows managing family calendars, setting reminders, color-code schedules, shopping lists etc. Available in both online and offline modes Cozi is probably one of the best organizational apps for family planning.

2) TeamSnap (iOS | Android). Many parents are engaged in coaching and child sport activity organization. This app is right for parents of that kind. It lets coaches get in touch with the entire team via group messages with a single tap on the touchscreen. Follow the team roster, collect fees right on your smartphone.

3) (iOS | Android). This app is the best way to get things done without forgetting what you were going to do. Use the swipe to complete feature. Enjoy drag-and-drop capabilities, voice entry, and reminders based on location. Update to-do items in real time. deserves a title of a top pick among organizational solutions.

4) MealBoard (iOS). Still hesitating what to make for dinner every night? Then this application is for you. It helps cope with guesswork and usual stress when planning meals. Put together a grocery list and what actually is in your fridge right now. With MealBoard, you will never run out of ingredients in the middle of cooking any longer.

5) Level Money (iOS | Android). Planning and sticking to family budget is one of the most essential parts of household daily routine. This app is easy-to-use. It has a clean and smart design. What is most important, Level Money considers not only your monthly incomes, but also unpredictable earnings. It monitors your income, bills, savings, bank history, and spendings in real time. Moreover, the app reports you how much money you can spend each day and whether you should save to not go beyond the budget.

Importantly, don’t forget about child security as your top priority. Use Pumpic to protect your loved ones online and during daily activities. Monitor calls, text messages, social media, and online chats. Check browsing history and bookmarks. Track a private browser mode with a keylogger. Manipulate the target device remotely. Keep your family safe and your eyes open!

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