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Online Security: Why Would You Need Hidden Android Tracking App?

April 12, 2016
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Ask any parent of an underage child whether or not he has major concerns about kid’s online security, and you will get a ‘Yes’ answer 9 times out of 10. This fact is self-explanatory for every adult who used the Internet at least once. Yet, if you ask those concerned parents whether they are using any type of parental controls, you will probably get a ‘No’ answer.

There was a global survey conducted in 15 countries, and it shows 78% of parents today are worried about their kids being exposed to explicit materials like violence, porn and racism online. But at the same time only 40% of these parents are using software tools to secure their kids’ Internet surfing experience.

What Are Parents’ Opinions?

Basically, among the concerned parents (both those who use any kind of parental control and who do not) there are three main opinions – or, so to say, ‘teams’. And while all these people agree on the necessity of controlling the kid-Internet relationships, they have a different approach to the issue.

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Parental control is a must. People belonging to this camp use one or several mobile phone tracking software tools for Android, iOS devices. They also use parental settings on kids’ laptops and PC, and ensure Internet filters are accompanying every kid’s step online. Most of the time these are the parents who also drive kids crazy with frequent lectures about the Internet security issues.

Control is essential, but not with the software. Some parents prefer not to put all the responsibility for child’s security on software, and they will never look for the tips on how to install a spy app on Android or iOS device. But they do believe that moving a computer to a public room in their home is an effective way of monitoring kid’s online activities. Depending on the kid’s age, such parents will limit their screen time and prohibit accessing the Internet without parental observation.

Liberal parental control. It is fair to say that parents from ‘liberal team’ have older kids, who are already past the most ‘revolutionary’ years of teenage. Such kids most of the time have little to no interest in explicit materials and dangerous websites and already have a regular online routine parents are familiar with. And parents choose the only Android parental control settings that do not imply limitations – it is trust relationships with kids.

Which Approach Is The Right One?

There is no exact answer to the question concerning securing kid’s activities online. The final decision, for sure, depends on multiple factors like age, country you are living in, and cultural attitudes you have.

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What Are Essential Things You Should Do?

  1. Establish understanding and open relationships with your child. Be sure – when your kid is intimidated by the fact that you will punish him, even Android tracking app hidden in his smartphone will not help you. Be open about dangers there are online, and why you are worried.
  2. Consider limiting screen time. Installing any kind of spy app for Android phone might seem way too radical, but having the time limit for online activities will not hard any family who is seeking discipline.
  3. If there are any hints your kid might be in trouble and he is hiding it, try tracking app. Opt for legal and approved parental control applications – they offer multiple options, from simple time limiting to tracking messages and calls to your kid’s phone.

Online surfing might be complicated and dangerous sometimes. But you as the parent can make your child’s life more secure with simple steps. Stay safe!

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