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How to Block Access to Personal Data on Facebook

November 3, 2015
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Facebook is no longer an ordinary social network. For many people it has become the way of living. Thus, to find out more about a person (preferences, hobbies, activities etc.), you don’t need to be good friends. You can just open his/her Facebook account and see it all right there.

It really provides us with great opportunities. One can relax, have fun, communicate with friends, learn recent news, study, and even work on Facebook. Priceless experience, in fact. And as it may seem, Facebook does it all for us for free. Taking nothing in return. However, the price each user pays for such convenience is higher than one can even imagine.

Facebook collects all available information from your personal accounts and sells it to other companies, brands, and developers, who earn a lot of money by using it. No one else knows how and for what purposes they actually use your data. Sure, they don’t know your name or phone number. But they know your habits, online activity, and social behavior. Enough to feel uncomfortable, isn’t it?

If you want to stop annoying surveillance, and especially prevent your children from being a subject to ambiguous commercial attention, the following tricks are for you. They will help you to:

  1. Stop commercial tracking;
  2. Limit a list of apps that see and use your data.

Stop Commercial Tracking

Click the “arrow” icon in the right top corner of the screen and choose “Settings”. Then choose “Ads” from the left menu. There you will see all advertising options and be able to edit them according to your preferences.

You will also see how your data is used for advertising purposes. If you choose “No one” for “Ads with my social actions”, no one will see what you are subscribed for.

Limit a List of Apps That See and Use Your Data

Click on the “lock” icon in the right top corner of the screen (near the “arrow”). Choose “See More Settings” from below of the drop-down menu. Now choose “Apps” from the menu to the left. There you will see a list of applications collecting your data. Click “Show all” to see the whole picture.

Mouse over any of the apps and you will see two options: “Delete” and “Edit”. Thus, you can either edit app settings and restrict the data you’d like to share, or delete it permanently and prevent third parties from using your data once and for all.

But before deleting, stop a moment and see how much information all these apps collect from you. They want to know your statuses, activities, see photos you publish and work you perform. Some of them want to publish posts on your behalf. Don’t you think that’s too much?

Now you can proceed to some more profound settings listed further below the app list. You can choose an option to always play Facebook games in a private mode. Thus, you can prevent your children from sharing their personal information to third parties while playing games.

Also, click “Edit” for “Apps Others Use”. A pop-up menu will appear. There you will see all the data you share with your friends. This data is available to apps your friends use as well.

Do you really want to share your religious views, preferences, city, marital status, and so on with all of them? Block access to information you don’t want to share. Protect your family. Secure your children. And keep your eyes open!

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