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How to Block Applications on Android

August 3, 2015
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A capability of blocking applications on kids’ smartphones and tablets is one of major reasons why parents go in for mobile parental controls.

Children do not realize how much time they spend playing games, surfing the Internet, or chatting with friends via online messengers. Thus, they very often waste too much of it, which ultimately turns into smartphone-dependency or even addiction.

Parents, who know how to block certain apps on Android devices, can prevent children from cell phone overusing and redirect the time wasted towards improving results at school or attending other useful activities like sports, music, arts, self-education etc.

Unfortunately, there are no reliable built-in options to block specific apps on Android. And this is where mobile monitoring solutions like Pumpic come to the rescue. With such an application at your command, you will be able to reasonably restrict excessive use of smartphones.

Such parental control software allow not only complete blocking of applications installed on your kids’ devices. They at the same time let you set limits on running apps at particular time.

Thus, you will be able to prevent your children from using Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or any other specific apps (including games) until homework is done. Moreover, you will be able to block distractive applications while your kids are at school.

With mobile software like Pumpic, your kids will no longer be grounded for using smartphones during the class.

Pumpic is a multi-compatible application. Therefore, in addition to an ability to block apps for Android devices, the software will let you keep control of iOS smartphones and tablets.

Thus, if you decide to block apps on iPhone 5 you have presented to your son or daughter recently, Pumpic will provide you with such an opportunity alongside with more than 24 useful monitoring features as well as jailbreak-free solution.

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