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How to Block Apps on iPhone: Brief Guide for Everyone

April 5, 2016
how to block apps on iPhone

Smart phones are great, right? They are always with you, they help you get up in the morning. They entertain you during morning workout. They help you keep in touch with friends and family. And they allow you keeping up to world news.

But sometimes smartphones might be overwhelming and distracting. This often applies to kids who tend to be too obsessed with communication options they get with iPhone app. Also, college and university students report spending about 8 to 10 hours a day online. 28% of this whole time period is time spent on social networking, about 18% is study-related. And the rest usually goes to browsing through random websites and playing games.

Another iPhone apps-connected issue is kids wasting (no, not their time, which is also a problem) – their parents’ money. To buy apps from a Store you have to ‘tie’ your credit card to an account. And if you do this on kid’s phone, you risk losing some cash on freemium apps which offer special features for every dime you invest in them.

Why and How Can I Block Apps On iPhone?

Today time is a priceless resource. And with numerous entertaining apps and programs it is way too easy to waste it for good. Ask yourself if you want to stay productive regardless of temptation? If the answer is yes, consider blocking or limiting certain apps on your iPhone.

block apps on iphone

Also, great number of apps and games out there in the market is fine. Competition actually makes the final products of developers better. But apps are only good until you lose a fortune on kid’s new obsession with Clash of Clans or Candy Mania. Are you afraid of red bank account? Block risky apps!

How to Block Apps on iPhone

There are several ways you can ensure certain app (or two) will not run on a certain iPhone, whether you are doing it for your own sake or for kid’s security.

1. Use iPhone standard restrictions. Looking for the ways you can use to block apps on iPhone? Use standard settings for iOS. Go to Settings – General – Restrictions. From this part of the system menu you can block literally anything that is bothering you. FaceTime, YouTube or iTunes? Easy! Set a restriction passcode and your kid will never guess it.

If you are blocking apps for yourself only, try asking a friend to come up with password you will not know.

2. Try apps that lock apps. Wondering how to block apps on iPhone while studying? Use other apps to block your apps! Study Lockdown, for example, allows you stay focused. But this one is more about ‘shaming’ you every time you interrupt your study session for answering a text or check social media.

SelfControl, on the other hand, is actually blocking certain media websites and apps. This ensures you will not find yourself in half an hour scrolling your Facebook feed or Instagram stalking celebrities. Training your own self-control (somehow), you set app’s time limit, and you will not be able to launch certain distractive resources before the time runs out.

itunes controls


3. iTunes controls. Actually, through iTunes controls you can even block content on desktop as well. If you are worried about overspending money and you need to ensure your bank account is safe and sound, do the following. Open iTunes preferences and opt for parental controls. There you can disable certain features that might be too distracting or pricey for your pocket. Alternatevily, you can choose some of the best parental control software and try it on.

Here you have – several simple yet effective ways to block apps on your iPhone! For sure, there would be new ways coming soon, but try starting with simple ones at first. Happy and safe browsing to you! Stay focused.

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