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How to Block Websites on Android Device

August 4, 2015
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If you let your kids go online, you will surely not want them to see everything stored there. Of course, the Internet is a great source of useful information, where one can find just about everything he or she is looking for. Nevertheless, there are too many materials inappropriate for specific ages. That’s why parents turn to parental control restrictions, when it comes to child safety on the web.

As the statistics shows, 92% of children prefer smartphones for Internet surfing. It explains why mobile monitoring applications like Pumpic become so popular these days. In addition to other helpful tracking functions, such software allows parents to block certain websites on Android and thus, to prevent children from coming across restricted content.

Installing a parental control application on your child’s cell phone or tablet will let you monitor browsing history and websites your kid has bookmarked. By doing so you will see if your son or daughter visits any sources with sexual, explicit, violent, or fraudulent content, and lock them, so as to not allow him or her to enter any of them ever again.

In addition to application limits, a block websites Android app feature will also let you control social media use. As you probably know, one can access Facebook, Instagram or any other similar network in two different ways: via the application or a web browser. Thus, if you block the Snapchat app, for example, your kids will still have a chance to enter via a browser.

Yet, blocking a browser app is not the best way out, since at the same time you will block the access to the Internet as such. Though the web is dangerous, it is helpful as well. So, forbidding your kids use it at all is a too desperate move.

For such purposes, parental control applications answer the question how to block certain websites on iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, as well as any Android devices your kids use. Thus, as soon as you see an 18+ website in the list of your kid’s browsing history or bookmarks, you will be able to block it once and for all.

Finally, when searching for a helpful mobile monitoring application, you will probably type something like “is there an app to block websites on android” in the search line, and you will surely find Pumpic among the most reliable apps for this particular and many other monitoring purposes. It really protects, it safely secures, and it keeps your eyes open!

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