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Mobile Monitoring Does Not Ruin Trust between Parents and Kids

February 14, 2017
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In our modern technology-imbued world, online activity and Internet usage account for a considerable part of people’s life. In particular, nowadays kids are so caught up in online life that it is hard to imagine them without a device in hand.

Not only is the Internet used for educational, business, and entertaining needs but much more for interaction with other users now. In the era of beloved texting, posting and hanging out in social media, it became especially easy for children to expand their private space and lead the life desired.

Thus, the issue of building trust in relationships between children and parents has become the top one to attend to. You can never be sure what the kid is up to when surfing the web. Following this, trustful parental monitoring of kids’ device and Internet usage is core to their safety and well-formed online habits.

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Mobile monitoring has become so popular among parents that its impact on trust is quite weighty. Some parents opt for snooping on their young ones without notifying them. To the certain extent, this might work well and save a lot of nerves. Although when discovered, the kids’ trust to a parent is put at a big risk if not faded at all. It is definitely hard to tell how to sustain a proper parental trust in times when almost all external threats exist in an online world of the Internet.

Therefore, in addition to using parental tracking applications, it is crucial to talk to kids about reasons and intentions of doing so. Spying on kids anonymously tends to strain the connection between a child and a parent. Children are also likely to feel the pressure from above without understanding the reasons. It may lead to lashing out at parents, getting deeper into online activity, or doing stuff secretly to avoid being monitored and restricted. When a discreet spying is revealed, a kid can start acting unpredictably, and the trust relationships are built on, is extremely hard to restore.

Another way that indeed complements to building trusting relationships is totally legal monitoring of online activity agreed by both parties. No matter what solution to select, almost all of them recommend notifying the target person.

Many parents might find this awkward; however, apart from emotions, a conversation is a gist of success. A curated and ethical tracking of children’s online activity is crucial for trust and future relations with parents. It is important for kids to understand that mobile and online environment are not impeccable and parents should explain them all the reasons and advantages of mobile surveillance.

Admittedly, most kids will protest and tackle with the appeal to stop invading their private life. However, an explanation with a proper approach should provide an understanding between both. Not only will mutually agreed mobile parenting safeguard and prevent threats, but also influence the online behavior of the younger.

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Being informed about monitoring, kids will avoid inappropriate movements when interacting with others online and will watch their activity to be decent. Thus, online monitoring of kids by agreement is sure to protect young ones from potential cyber-dangers and also to evolve a habit of leading a wise, careful, and proper online life.

As research by FOSI showed, the majority of teens are not bothered by parents looking at their Internet and device activity. This is a great indicator of kids’ awareness, consciousness and use of the Internet without having the stuff to conceal. Moreover, according to Sprint’s survey, 77% of children know their parents use monitoring apps.

By tracking the activity of kids, parents obviously express their doubts in trust for children, but the matter is not only in trust when it comes to treacherous online life. The main points of mobile monitoring have always been and will be protection from cyberbullying, teaching proper online manners, and raising minded and cautious Internet citizens.

For parents, a question of how to earn their kids’ trust doesn’t appear only regarding mobile monitoring, but starts from the very beginning of baby’s birth and before. First of all, it is essential to be a leader and an example for the kid.

Establishing a good reputation and relationships with children will make them follow you and listen to. On the other hand, being a good listener, a parent can easily acquire a flawless connection with a child, understand the kid better and suggest or assist if needed. Finally, needless to say that the truth is the key to success.

Parents should always tell the truth and keep promises in order to expect the same back from their kids. Mobile monitoring is undoubtedly a great parenting solution now, and parents need to use it with mind and care to not only prevent online threats but also not to invoke personal conflicts undermining the trust.

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