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What Risks Can Be Prevented by Locating Your Kid’s Cell Phone?

May 13, 2016
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So, your phone is missing, and you are typing ‘how to locate my cell phone’ in a search engine. Depending on your phone, you can actually call it or see its location on the map. But what if it’s not your phone, but your kid’s phone. You are trying to reach your daughter or son, and there is no answer. You begin to worry and get cross with your own child. And the best thing you can do is to locate your child’s phone to see his or her whereabouts.

Nowadays, mobile phones are not only a mean of communication. They have been your business assistants, and now they can be your parenting help, your virtual nannies. Just install a trustworthy parental control on your child’s cell phone and enjoy the benefits. Here are several reasons to ensure that your kids have their phones with them at all times.

You can track their whereabouts

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Of course, you know what time your children go to school and when they have their extracurricular activities. However, statistics show that in Pittsburgh, for instance, 8,5% of students play truant. Add to this some criminal statistics. Teenagers commit 71% of juvenile crimes at times when they were supposed to be having classes at school. Once you learn how to locate another cell phone online at any time with a parental control software of your choice, you can make sure your kids don\’t skip school, see where they hang out after classes, and simply know they don\’t cross the road at dangerous spots.

Build trust and prevent lies

Mutual trust is fundamental to family wellbeing. And you should take the first step in building that trust by telling your kids that you know how to locate their cell phones. Take time to explain that you would like to do it regularly to ensure their safety. If you see any irregularities in your child\’s moves around the city, have an honest conversation about those. And if your kid starts to lie about where he or she went, it might be time for a more serious talk.

Leave no chances for kidnappers

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Make sure your child only spends time in certain safe areas, including school premises, safe neighborhoods, your home, etc. Set geofences to get alerts once your child leaves those habitual places. Moreover, learn how to locate where a cell phone is calling from so that you can easily find your child if he or she gets lost in the city. According to the US Department of Justice, more than 100 children are kidnapped every year. By locating your child\’s phone, you make sure this number does not go up, and your kid is safe.

Monitoring your child’s location with the help of a cell phone is not only easy but also indispensable in the modern world. Used wisely, this function will help you build a trustful relationship with you children and prevent their wrong choices.

Do you locate your kid\’s phone? What do you think of it?

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