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How to Monitor Your Kid’s Facebook

February 16, 2015
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In 2004 Facebook invaded and find new roots in our everyday lives. It opened the big era of social media, which replaced alive relationships and shifted them online. If then, in the very beginning, having a Facebook account was a novelty, for now not being on Facebook is rather a curiosity. Today it is as trivial thing as having a mobile phone.

When it comes to children, who develop much more intensively and get familiar with modern technologies from the cradle, Facebook has become an integral part of their lives. Sometimes it all begins to looks like parallel reality, where children live a double life.

As a parent, you should always keep your eyes open. You do take care and worry about your children, when they are at school, play football outside or just hanging around. Then why shouldn’t you do the same, when they are online? Admit it, parental controls for Facebook are a must these days!

Facebook opens its arms widely to provide users with a huge variety of possible ways of time spending. You can share any of your personal information, photos, videos, thoughts, opinions and feelings, communicate with other individuals, date online, create and promote services, and even run a business. Other words, a great world of living is open to you outside the real world.

Facebook shortens the distance between people. It lets you make friends, who live thousands miles from your place. One can say, it connects the humanity and makes it one big family. Then why there are so many lonely people? It appears like the closer we approach to each other online the more isolated we become awake.

Except all the obvious opportunities that Facebook provides, it also involves some hidden dangers. Below are most common of them, which lie in wait for your kid on the web.

Facebook Bears Hidden Threat

  • Online predators and bullies can contact your child easily through text messages or video chat.
  • Online swindlers and cheaters can fish for your personal information like address, phone or credit card number, logins, passwords, when parents are not at home etc.
  • Your kid may accidentally come across pictures or videos containing violence or 18+ content.
  • He or she can be easily involved in some fraud or sect. Facebook is a well-known place, where one can be imposed any idea, provoked or dictated to do anything.
  • There are different products sold via Facebook. Thus, if your kid has the access to your credit card or has a personal one, he or she can spend too much money there.

You may wonder how to prevent your kid from possible dangers and secure his or her online activity. The easiest way is to set up special parental control software, which is designed for such protection.

Almost all children today have smartphones and tablets. Most of them use these particular gadgets to go online rather than personal computers. Pumpic offers you probably the wisest working solution for parental control and children online security. With its help, you will be able to monitor your kid’s web activity from anywhere.

All you need to do is to enter your Control Panel, where you will see all the data sent from your child’s device. The information you will be able to keep track of includes not only Facebook activity and communication, but also your kid’s smartphone usage, calls, SMS, location and route history, contacts, downloaded applications, browsed websites and emails.

Pumpic keeps your eyes open.

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