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How to Monitor Your Kid’s Instagram

January 29, 2015
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As it happens, social media has become a constant partner of any time spending. It enables us to share what happens around, thoughts and opinions, photos and videos, travelling reports, events and even foodstuff issues.

Until Instagram appeared, who would have thought that a shot of your breakfast meal would interest anyone else but you? However, it fell out to be quite the contrary.

Today Instagram is probably the first world’s popular photo sharing social network, where people post literally everything they see, including photos of oneself called selfy. Predictably, the service is incredibly hot among kids and teenagers, who follow fashion changing it day by day.

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There are lots of photos on Instagram, one can only imagine. And it is an open secret that some of them are inappropriate for underage children (violence, sex, drugs etc.). That is why parents should take action to prevent their kids from viewing restricted content.

find a reliable app iconWhat to do in this case? A good advice is to find a reliable parental control application and follow what your child shots and publishes in the Internet as well as what he or she is searching for while browsing online.


You can also create your own account icon, create your own account and subscribe to your kid’s updates. However, in such instance you will only see posted pictures. Your child’s browsing history will not be visible to you.


use pumpic iconTalking about parental control software, one should consider Pumpic. It is a feature-rich app, which will allow you monitor your kid’s Instagram quickly and easily. I addition, you will have a chance to track your child wherever he or she goes, monitor incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, instant messengers, browsing history and bookmarks.

The application lets you set remote control on your kid’s device, block ambiguous applications and web sources. In such a way, you will secure your child’s online activity and prevent him or her from inappropriate influence of content restricted for the underage.

To make the app work for you and protect your children, install Pumpic directly on their smartphones or tablets. The service will sent all the data right to your Control Panel, from which here and after you will perform monitoring.

Pumpic was designed to protect kids and enable parents to take care of them remotely. When it comes to online activity and social media usage, Instagram in particular, it is hard to find a better helper than Pumpic.

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