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How to Monitor Your Kid’s Viber

February 14, 2015
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Viber is a well-known Internet telephony messenger these days. Developed for Android and iOS smartphones, the application allows its users to not only exchange messages instantly, but also to make calls, share video, photo and audio files. In addition, it is free of charge and requires only 3G/4G or Wi-Fi connection.

It is not surprising that Viber is very popular and widely used among kids and teenagers. The app enables them to contact each other, even when current mobile balance is empty. Meanwhile, online access is available everywhere.

From these perspectives, Viber communication activity is what parents should consider and focus on, when it comes to parental control and online safety.

Why Viber Brings About Online Danger

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Viber is open to public and toll-free. That’s why anyone can use it to contact your kid.



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Your child might become a victim of online predators or cyberbullies via Viber.



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A stranger might send your kid media files or text messages containing: violence, sex, bad or fighting words.



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Anyone can find out your child’s real cell phone number via Viber.



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Your kid might be pressured to reveal personal information like address, parents’ names, credit cards and phone numbers, place of work etc.


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Your child might be exposed to sexhibition via exchanging photo and video files.


The list may be even bigger. But don’t think it is a try to terrify you. It is to give notice and prevent both you and your underage children from possible threat.

What is the way out? Pumpic remote control application provides parents with ability to monitor Viber calls as well as other children’s online activity and mobile phone usage.

To start quick and simple tracking, select a subscription plan that will determine how long for you are going to use the service, and which particular monitoring preferences you have. Download the app and install it directly on your kid’s device. Right after, start following your child from your Control Panel.

Enter your Control Panel and select Viber Tracking to see all the information on messages, calls and media files sent from or received by your kid’s smartphone or tablet. Pumpic takes care of your children and lets your secure their happiness.

At the same time, you will be able to monitor other instant messengers (What’s App and Skype), follow calls, track location and control online activity.

When it comes to children security, you should take action by all means. And Pumpic will help you with it.

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