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Is It Necessary to Check Your Kids’ Private Instagram Accounts?

June 21, 2016
Instagram security

In the era of intensive Internet communication, there is a significant number of social networks allowing not only to get in touch with each other but also to share photos and videos, post comments, ads, news, make appointments or exchange files. Among multiple social media platforms, Instagram is one of the most attractive and fashionable ones nowadays. It is a very straightforward network used to share photos and videos. Moreover, the service is widely used to find people, make new contracts, post ads, sell products, and boost business activity. Thus, apart from personal pics and videos, one is likely to find call-to-action posts that sometimes don’t imply anything good.

Since Instagram is all the rage now, especially among children, let’s look at the service from the parents’ point of view. To describe Instagram and its features in several words, it is:

  • Absolutely free.
  • Has a users’ registration age of 13 years minimum.
  • Allows posting pics, videos, and comments.
  • Provides an option to tag people in photos so they can see the content.
  • Allows creating private accounts and sending private messages.
  • Enables viewing private Instagram accounts and up-to-date posts by adding people to an account or accepting requests from others.
  • Enables to “Follow other people” by subscribing directly or via hashtags.
Instagram account


So, Instagram is just another social media site where kids would spend hours sharing media and commenting on it. However, regardless of many attractive features, Instagram definitely has pitfalls and threats that children may encounter.

Talking about bad sides of having an Instagram account, parents should be aware and concerned about the fact that everyone has easy access to the service. It’s simple to overcome the Instagram policy and register in by using fake personal info. It is not a problem for modern kids to do so to start enjoying all the features Instagram offers. At the same time, it is a great possibility for strangers to implement their vague plans to intimidate, offend, harass, deprave and reach out to your kid. Even if your child has a personal password and settings-protected account, it is, unfortunately, possible to figure out how to see private Instagram.

Then, just like the whole Internet, Instagram has a lot of inappropriate photos or videos. Content with sexual nature, violence, and other explicit images are everywhere and might be hunting for your kid. Also, when using Instagram, it is possible to get immoral and evil comments, feedbacks, or texts from peers. Even if the account is set to private, there are ways to see a private Instagram by using special websites, apps or other tech tricks.

Thus, in order to protect your child from an adverse Instagram influence and prevent from harmful consequences, there are things ought to be considered.

Instagram privacy settings

Talk to your child about entering private information into their Instagram account. Phones, locations, e-mails, or another personal info is always a way for malicious people to get a hold of outgoing and emotional kids. Hence, any personal or sensitive information should be set to private and closed from other people.

Instagram logo



Whenever a photo is posted, the geo-location data could become visible to everyone. It’s common for kids to boast about their whereabouts, although it is not that safe, and should always be considered. If you are concerned about this, it is easy to turn off geotagging in Instagram settings.

Setting tags to be manually approved

A perfect way to share a picture with somebody is to tag him or her in a photo. Thus, the image becomes available for a tagged person. Unfortunately, this method is widely used by wicked guys to reach or influence a person on Instagram. Same as with geo-location, the tags option can be configured via settings.

Reporting on users or blocking the inappropriate content

Blocking content and users is a great option not only for concerned parents but for kids, too. Whenever one finds a profile with inappropriate content, or experiences ill activity on Instagram, the wrong profile or photo can be reported or blocked.

Apart from Instagram negative effects, children could also be the ones to spread unacceptable content leading to undesired consequences. For parents, it is important to find the way of how to look at private Instagram of their kids. There is no actual way to access and manage private accounts of other people due to Instagram policy. The option for parents is to talk to their children about issues associated with the platform, ask them to share their Instagram password with you, create a personal Instagram to follow the kid, and constantly monitor his or her Instagram activity.

Do you check your kids’ Instagram profies? Tell your opinion in the comments!

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