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How to Set Parental Controls on iPad

September 15, 2015
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With technological progress inching closer to private lives of parents, kids start using mobile devices much earlier than they learn how to say a word. To be more specific, about 40% of toddlers use iPads before they can actually speak.

Sure, it’s way too easier for parents to give a child a tablet and make him or her remain silent at least for a while than to calm down or entertain the kid in traditional ways. However, careful parents should consider that where comes the technology there comes the issue.

Mobile gadgets (and iPads are not the exception) are a known source of danger directly concerned with device overuse and online access. Thus, iPad parental control is what careful parents should consider.

The more kids play on a tablet, the more obsessive they become. That eventually may turn into real addiction. In addition, when you hand your kids an iPad they connect online, where become exposed to many risks like online predator attacks, cyberbullying, sexting, 18+ content, identity theft etc.

To prevent kids from accessing inappropriate content on the web, avert stranger danger, and be able to control their screen time, careful parents should know how to put child lock on iPad.

iPad Built-In Restrictions

Taking care of its little users, the Apple company has included parental control options into iOS. Thus, parents can go to Settings > General > Restrictions and enable limits protected with a password, which prevents children from disabling them. Via iOS Restrictions, you can easily block specific applications from running, adjust privacy settings, define allowed content etc.

However, parental controls provided by the iPad itself seems to be a little one sided. Thus, if you want to protect your kids on Facebook, all you can actually do is block the access to the social media app as such. If so, you will additionally need to block Safari and other browsers to prevent your child form using them to access Facebook. But what if you don’t need to block the whole access, but make sure your kids are safe while communicating with friends?

Sure, it’s better than nothing. Apple did really great job having provided parents with so many options to secure kids. E.g., Android has none of a kind. Nevertheless, to ensure comprehensive protection a careful parent needs something more – a reliable mobile monitoring application for remote control.

Parental Control Application

Trusted by more than 10 000 users over the world, Pumpic proved to be one of the best parental control for iPad. The application provides all-round security and allows parents to monitor a wide range of children’s activities both on the Internet and during daily living.

Pumpic lets you not only monitor child behavior, but also manipulate the target device remotely. Thus, you can block websites and applications, set time limits on running apps, define the number of text messages sent daily in addition to viewing their content and blocking those containing inappropriate words.

Totally the app numbers more than 24 monitoring features providing parents with instant access to children’s’ calls, SMS, MMS, browsing history, bookmarks, location data, social media (Facebook, Instagram), online chats (Skype, Kik, Viber, WhatsApp, Snapchat). Moreover, the app lets you set geo-fences and prevent kids from visiting dangerous places or those you don’t approve.

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