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Track Browser History

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How to Track Browser History on Android

January 1, 2016
android browser history

Android OS is probably the most popular platform for smartphones and tablets worldwide and only iOS can compete with it. It is user-friendly, effective, and powerful, though there is a blot on the landscape – Android, unlike iOS, has no built-in parental controls. There are attempts to solve this situation, however, they concern Android tablets only. That is why taking some security measurements is a must to all parents whose children use or have their own Android device.

How to Set Parental Controls to Google Play

Despite the fact that the main intendant use of a smartphone is making calls and sending messages, kids prefer to use it as means of browsing the Internet and playing games.

children online

monitoring children

The main source for downloading applications for Android devices is Google Play, which has its own parental control settings. To switch them on, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google Play application on the target Android device.
  2. Find the Menu button (it is a button with three dots in the right upper corner of the screen).
  3. Tap the button and find the “Settings” option there.
  4. Select User Controls.
  5. Find the “Set or change PIN” option and select a new PIN. In this case your kid will not be able to change settings back. More than that, if you will select the option of confirming the purchase with PIN, you will protect yourself from in-app purchases.
  6. Return to the User Controls section and find the “Content filtering” option.
  7. Look through the proposed filtering and select the most appropriate for your kid’s age.

After that, children using the device will not be able to install apps that are inappropriate for them. However, Google Play filtering deals with apps only, it won’t filter websites, videos, or photos. That is why it is necessary to take care of parental controls for Android browser.

Parental Control Settings for Android Browser

Android parental monitoring is the most convenient and effective way to prevent any malware attack on the device, filter content that a child can see on the Internet, and block some categories or particular websites you consider inappropriate for your children.

monitoring your children


Let’s admit that in most cases kids, teens especially, are more tech savvy than their parents. They can delete browsing history on their phone browser so parents may not even know what sites their kids visit although they can check the list of visited websites.

Well-chosen android os parental controls know properly how to track browsing history on Android. Web monitoring, filtering of the content, and blocking unwanted sites are among must-have features of any good remote monitoring application.

What Are The Features of Remote Monitoring Apps?

With help of such software parents are able to:

  • Look through all visited sites on the child’s smartphone including the deleted ones.
  • Set blocks on categories or certain websites, in particular, create whitelists of appropriate websites kids use only.
  • Filter content that minors can see on the Internet.
  • Get notifications every time when kid is trying to browse something inappropriate.
  • Track online and offline activities of kids performed on the Android device.
  • Get records of all messaging and texting activities.
  • Block apps and in-app purchases.
  • Track GPS location of the device.

When you select Android child protection for your kid’s phone, make sure that it is easy to install, has solid Customer support and is able to work on several platforms.

playing on digital tablet device


With help of effective parental control app there is no need to learn how to track browser history as the app will do it or you in the most convenient way. There are plenty of such apps, make sure to check android parental control app reviews. It’s up to you what app to choose, just be certain that the chosen app meets your monitoring requirements.

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