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How to Track Your Daughter’s iPhone?

May 21, 2015
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As the famous saying goes: “A daughter is a little girl, who grows up to be a friend”. But until she does, she will do anything possible to enjoy and explore this world without you. It is rather a typical behavior for both little girls and teenagers. They simply want to experience new things and prove that they are independent.

While we can make sure our ladies have everything they need we cannot protect them from the numerous online dangers presented on the Internet. As soon as we give smartphones to our children, we should make sure we know how to control their Internet behavior.

According to the latest studies, girls tend to use smartphones more than boys (45% to 35%). It is explained by the emotional attachment to the phone, as this is where they share secrets, make selfies and glimpse at their crush on social media.

Our major task as parents is to ensure security for our children online. If you are asking yourself a question ‘’how can I track my daughter’s iPhone?’’, then you should look for a good parental control app.

Parental control apps allow you to track your daughter’s iPhone remotely through your PC or a cell phone. The features include remote tracking of GPS location and route history, monitoring of all incoming, outgoing, and deleted messages she sends and receives. You will have an option to block unwanted numbers from reaching your daughter in future as well.

As we know, girls tend to use social media religiously. Sometimes it is almost impossible to distract their attention from their smartphones. If you are still wondering, “if I can track my daughter’s iPhone and see her social media activity?”, then you should use one of the most popular parental control features that allows you to track all her social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. You can also monitor and block 18+ websites with explicit content or violence, so your daughter won’t have an access.

A special attention in tracking your daughter’s iPhone deserve snap chats like Vine, WhatsApp, and Viber. Teens use these apps for quick chats and photo exchanging. Many times these messages have sexual characteristics. This type of messages is called sexting – a new word with an old meaning. Naked photos and dirty dialogs are said to be common. You can track your daughter’s iPhone, monitor her Snap chats and even delete those contacts that you think have harmful influence on your little girl.

How Can You Put Parental Controls on iPhone

To adjust parental control function on your daughter’s Apple mobile phone, go to Settings menu and lock required applications like Safari, Camera, iTunes etc. If you want to control and track her device remotely, you should use special monitoring apps like Pumpic.

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