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Internet Is Parents’ Biggest Fear

March 30, 2016
modern online dangers

The use of the Internet has expanded severely over the last decade. Aided by the continual contact provided by smartphones, 94% of teens go online every day, according to a survey from Pew Research Center. Moreover, 24% of children go online almost regularly. In a typical day, kids consume over three hours of media, including smartphone use, tablet use, and laptop use. Only 6% of teens report going online no more than once a week.

What Are the Main Concerns of Parents?

Parents become more worried about their kids’ Internet usage. Especially about the use of social media platforms. Facebook is one of the most popular and regularly visited social media services among teens. They spend hours there sharing personal data, photos, links, and other information. 43% of parents assume that a profile on a social networking site has a side effect on their kids. Teens can “overshare” personal details not even thinking about possible consequences.

kids on the internetDue to the survey, one in three parents admits he or she has had serious concerns about kids’ Internet use in the last year. Most parents say they fear that their children are exposed to many online dangers. Chatting with strangers, online predators, cyberbullying, sexting are those possible risks every child may face every day. Three quarters of parents are concerned about improper content that can be found online. Young children have access to resources that can negatively affect their mental health, such as porn websites, adult apps, and harmful content.

Why Parents Use Parental Controls?

More than half of parents claim they have installed parental monitoring applications to prevent their children from accessing certain types of online content, to oversee kids’ online activities, and check their location. Modern parental control software such as Children Tracker, Cell Tracker, MM Guardian has a lot of different functions letting follow all activities of children. It is possible to see calls and messages, view browsing experience, block certain websites, track the current position, check social media accounts and much more.

However, the first applications on the market couldn’t boast a lot of features. One of them, Sentry Parental Controls, was a group of software packages designed to limit access to unsuitable information for kids. Back in 2008, software packages included Sentry Remote and Sentry at Home. Sentry Predator Locator was terminated in 2007. With such software, a user could block improper phrases, categories, and URLs in a browser.

parents fearsNowadays more and more parents decide to use parental tracking apps to protect their children from all possible dangers and unpleasant experience connected with the excessive use of the Internet. And they do that for a reason. More than 90% of teens own a smartphone or tablet. They can easily become victims of Internet predators. Parents worry a lot about this issue and constantly check their children’s messages and calls by themselves or with the help of monitoring software. Statistics proves that today Internet becomes the biggest parents’ fear.

Have you ever used parental control apps? Share your experience with us on social media or leave your comment below!

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