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Apple iOS 11: Everything You Should Know About It

June 13, 2017

Last week Apple revealed iOS 11, which will officially step in for the current iOS 10 in fall 2017. The newest operating system will surprise the Apple users with a number of exciting features and major improvements. The iPad owners are about to find some fundamental changes that might make the operating system on their devices more customizable and user-friendlier. iPhone users won’t be disappointed either as they are going to get many newest interesting features.

iOS 11 Release Date

The exact date of the final release of the new operating system hasn’t been confirmed yet. However, iOS 11 rumors say that it may appear this fall, right before the iPhone 8. Most likely, Apple iOS 11 will be released some day in September. Information about the exact date will possibly leak just before the launch of the newest iPhone, the way it has already happened in the previous years.

Beta Versions

Those users, who can’t wait for the official release this fall, can try the iOS 11 update today. An early beta version of iOS 11 is already available for the developers. It can be downloaded by anyone who has a paid developer account.

As expected, the first public release of beta should become available at the end of June 2017. iOS 11 beta will come along with new updated features, as well as with certain adjustments and – very likely – bugs. Customers who are eager to help Apple make their new product better and fix the issues can make a change by trying out the beta version and reporting the company about any major or minor problems they come across. The public beta will be available to any user with an active Apple ID.



Who’ll Get iOS 11?

Most of the Apple devices currently running on iOS 10 will also get iOS 11. The latest iPhones and iPads are definitely on the list. Owners of iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPad Pro and iPad Mini 4 can be sure of getting Apple software updates for at least a few more years. Other popular devices such as iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPad mini 2, 3 and 4 will also receive iOS 11. Unfortunately, such devices as iPhone 5 and other older versions are not on the iOS 11 update list.

What’s New in iOS 11?

The new operating system offers a broad range of updates that will make working on Apple devices more efficient and customizable. Here are some of the most significant iOS 11 features that will hit iPhones, iPads, and iPods this fall.

  • Advanced Siri

The artificial intelligence assistant Siri is being improved with each new version of Apple OS. Within iOS 11, Siri is going to get a more human, natural voice, and will learn from user’s habits and search requests to become more personalized.

  • Upgraded Apple Music

In the new iOS 11, it is possible to view the list of your friends’ songs and find new tunes. It also becomes possible to search and add new songs through other apps.

  • Simple Apple Pay Orders

The new iOS 11 now supports direct person-to-person payments through the Apple Pay Cash. The function works via the Messages app, making it easy and fast to split the bills among friends, for example.

Keep in mind though that the function only works within the US, and is limited to some Apple devices such as iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and later, iPad Mini 3, iPad Air 2, iPad 5th generation, and Apple Watch.

  • Revamped AppStore

AppStore finally gets major changes, with separated Games and Apps sections available, including Today section which shows the latest offers. This makes finding content much easier. Besides, reviews and ratings become more effective.

  • Interactive Control Center

Control Center becomes more user-friendly in iOS 11 with all the icons placed on one page. 3D Touch offers a user more in-depth control by tapping icons. There are digital interactions and animations included, too.

  • Changes in Media

In the latest OS, the file types are changed to save the storage space. Now, videos are stored as HEVC files instead of H.264 previously. HEIF substitutes JPEG photo files. It means that media files become half their previous size while maintaining the same quality, and they are easier and cheaper to share.

Besides, Apple claims to improve the performance of Camera by adding new filters and improving the quality of photos in general.

  • Augmented Reality

The long-awaited function makes it possible to add augmented elements to the photos and videos from the biggest augmented reality store and observe them on your screen. It could be a great start of a whole new branch of entertainment.

Some other major updates for iOS 11 include: more detailed and improved Apple Maps along with indoor mapping, sharing Wi-Fi passwords, screen recording, recommendations on storage, and much more.



It is important to say that Apple iOS 11 will bring the greatest changes to the owners of iPads. From now on, iPad users will enjoy such improvements:

  • A brand new and highly customizable Dock which provides a fast and easy access to all frequently used applications and files.
  • Multitasking becomes easier with an improved app switcher that uses Split View and Slide Over.
  • The new app Files helps a user keep any types of files in one place, whether they are stored locally, on iCloud Drive or with the help of outside providers such as Dropbox, Box,
  • Multi-Touch Drag and Drop makes moving of documents and media files across the whole OS easier.
  • With the new document scanner in Notes, users can scan single or multi-page documents easier.
  • Apple Pencil becomes a lot more functional. Now it is easy to make notes and marks in any file, sign documents, draw on screenshots and even make Notes on Lock Screen. Moreover, Apple simplifies an online search by making handwriting searchable (in English and Chinese).

Which of the new iOS 11 updates do you like most? Are you going to try iOS 11 Beta or wait for the final release in fall?

Get ready to update iOS on your kids’ Apple devices for the improved performance and better protection!



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