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Here is Why Your Kid Will Ask You for iPhone 7

September 16, 2016
new iPhone 7

Finally, the world has got iPhone 7. From the presentation stage, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said that it is the best and the most advanced handset they had ever created. iPhone 7 release has been awaited impatiently by all generations, especially by youth, who always pursue progressive gadgets and innovations overall.

Mature iPhone fans generally wanted to explore productivity and efficiency of the new device. At the same time, the younger audience was looking forward specifically to checking new design solutions, camera and sound enhancements, smooth work and apps compatibility.

Also, one should remember about teens’ obsessive desire to get an iPhone once it is released. So now, since the new Apple iPhone is unveiled, parents should get ready for a deluge of kids’ requests concerning a new modern, sleek device from Apple.

iphone 7 characteristics

Source: techradar.com

The new iPhone 7 undertook numerous design tweaks and internal system accomplishments. The flagship handset starts at $649 and is available with different storage options that affect the price of iPhone 7. Alongside with iPhone 7, Apple also announced iPhone 7 Plus, which is said to sport slightly different and advanced technical and design solutions. So what are the iPhone 7’s the most alluring features that will make your kid eat your brains out to get them this expensive gadget?

Increased storage and battery life

New iPhone also has new storage options and improved battery. Now, the handset is available with 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB. We bet your teen will find this extra space life-saving: “There’s so much music I want to listen and so many shows I must watch, mom! There’s no way I can survive without them!” An (allegedly) increased battery life will also come in handy.

Slim design and new colors

Although the iPhone 7 design did not change very much compared to iPhone 6, alterations are clearly visible. For starters, the device became slimmer as earphones jack is gone. The well-known antenna bands that lie across the back cover are shifted in place now. Also, a home button is not a physical knob anymore. It is a pressure-sensitive button. As for the aesthetic side, in addition to Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold, new color options are available – matte Black and glossy Jet Black.

Water and dust resistance

apple iphone 7

Source: techradar.com

New iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus got IP67 certification and are finally hardened up to withstand harsh conditions. Don’t you doubt that your youngster will mention water resistance as a rock solid reason to purchase the latest Apple device. “Now if I drop the phone into a pool while partying with friends, you won’t have to worry about repairs or buying a new gadget, dad!

Lightning earphones and wireless AirPods

Indeed, all the rumors about headphone 3.5 jack elimination were true. Now Apple users can plug and listen to music directly through the charging slot. Of course, an adapter to 3.5 standard jack is bundled up with the new iPhone 7 kit. But how do you think, what option your teen would like more? That’s right, wireless. And who cares that losing one AirPod is a matter of couple weeks?

New four-core processor and iOS 10

Once iPhone 7 was released, many teens suddenly noticed that their old devices are so slow… And you know what? Only the new Apple gadget empowered with a 64-bit A10 Fusion processor has enough speed and power to satisfy your teen. We have to admit, iPhone 7 really operates 40% faster than its predecessor. Your kids know it too. Also, as a part of new iPhone update features Apple launched a new iOS 10. Get ready to hear how cool this software is and how harsh your teen’s life would be without it. Why? Because Stella from the 10th grade already has it and your daughter doesn’t, how can you not understand!

Advanced camera

The cranked up main camera on iPhone 7 is now 12-megapixel and boasts a new optical image stabilization. What is even more important, the front camera is enhanced to 7 megapixels – this is so much cooler for better selfies. Not a reason for you? But one hell of an argument for a teen!

iphone 7 camera

Sourse: thememo.com

Seriously though, nowadays every new Apple gadget would become a teenager’s dream – just because they are a fashion trend, and young people want to be switched on. However, some features of iPhone 7 still encounter critics and recommendations for further development. First, the primary controversy exists over the new Lightning earphones solution. It has become a divisive feature since many people are so used to regular 3.5-jack that it is just inconvenient for them to switch to a Lighting port or adapter-based headphones.

Besides, a lot of discussions happen regarding the new home button and storage space options. A pressure-sensitive button may be a challenge to get used to. The missing 64GB of storage space on iPhone 7 is also a bit of a hassle. 16GB and 32GB of space often are not enough, when 128GB and 256GB are often more than plenty.

A skeptical attitude concerning a new battery has also emerged among experienced iPhone 7 users. Fast battery drainage in iPhones has always been an issue to complain about. Now, with allegedly stronger battery, people can’t wait to test and see the device in action.

To sum everything up, the iPhone 7 release has spawned a lot of praise, rumors, and suspicions at the same time. Nevertheless, a new iPhone is a new story in Apple fans’ lives. Surely, most anticipations were among teens and tweens since they always chase new Apple inventions, especially iPhones that become more powerful, sleeker, and just irresistible to get year by year. So, a little heads up for parents is to get ready for iPhone 7 requests from their children to make the young ones look classy, modern and utterly happy.

If you decide to give this gadget to your kids, do not forget to use a cell phone monitoring app so that the phone is used for the right purposes only.

Will you buy your kids the new iPhone? Share your thoughts with us!

Petra Lipfer
Petra Lipfer is a freelance blogger living in Orlando, Florida. She is passionate about everything concerting writing and the Internet. She is married and has two beautiful kids. She has a degree in Management and has taken several IT courses. Petra is a certified specialist in child online security. She enjoys blogging on everything concerning children, their security and parenthood in general. You can contact

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