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Is Keylogging Legal?

May 28, 2015
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The question if keylogging is legal or not has become a burning issue for users. As many people use it to catch their cheating spouses or monitor employees, the problem of morality cannot but strike the majority of people. The real answer is that keylogging has not been yet added to the list of criminal responsibilities and can be legally used if the person has been previously informed of being monitored.

Apart from cheating spouses and employees, keylogging has the reverse side of the coin presented in parental control usage, which adds more to the question is keylogging legal.

Parental control apps use a keylogger to keep track and monitor underage children. It allows them to protect and secure their kids from the numerous online dangers included but not limited to fraud, cyberbullying and online predators. Android phone keylogger applications can help you detect whether you child has a gaming problem or is involved in a relationship with a dubious person.

Although the usage of keyloggers is not illegal you should keep in mind that the judge is allowed to make his/her own decision based on the case. Remember that keyloggers are used to record information from the third party. If you want to make sure you use keyloggers legally you should follow the tips listed below:

  • Install keyloggers on the computers/smartphones you own personally.
  • Inform the person before installing keyloggers on his/her computer or a smartphone.
  • Remember that it is legal for parents to use keyloggers on their underage children’s computers and cell phones to monitor their online activity in order to prevent them from accessing 18+ websites or making dubious acquaintances.
  • Note to inform or get permission agreement from your employees before installing keyloggers on their cell phones and/or computers.
  • Ensure you have administration permission to install the software on the computer or cell phone you don’t personally own.
  • Don’t try to crack someone else’s password, profile or worse bank account even as a prank.

This information is given as an advice to those who want to find out is keylogging legal.

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