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Kids & Tablets Issues

July 9, 2015
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Recent studies show that children learn faster with tablet computers rather than with books. They say that the use of iPads stimulates a newborn’s brain and researches like Professor Annette Karmiloff-Smith encourage parents to give babies tablets as soon as they are born.

The tests showed that toddlers learn to manipulate tablets even faster than adults. Now scientists are going to repeat the tests with a larger group of children, yet Professor Karmiloff-Smith who led the previous researches believes that the children given computers will show even better results than those who were banned from using tablets.

Still, the neurologist Baroness Susan Greenfield warns parents about threats of unhealthy addiction to technologies. Overindulgence of computer games and watching on screens disables connections in brain that may result in form of “temporary dementia”.

It is up to parents whether to give their babies tablets or not. The only thing is evident: the age of tablet users youthens dramatically and it is necessary to get right on children’s protection while they are using a tablet or smartphone.

Using a parental control application could be a sound solution to the issue. Your child won’t be able to see something inappropriate or harmful that he or she can come across while browsing through the Internet. Thus, it is your duty to make sure that kids have no access to the content of such kind.

A parental control app is the best assistant here: with its help, you will be able to block access to applications and websites with inappropriate content and make sure that your child is protected against online predators.

You will also be able to check all messages that your kid’s tablet receives and thus, you will be confident that any abusive or harassing image won’t catch an eye of your child.

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