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Mobile Learning via Smartphones and Tablets

August 18, 2015
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Did you know that 80% of students use smartphones and tablets to get online? This means that at least 47% of students check their home assignments, go to Wikipedia, and simply learn online through smartphones.

The recent study conducted by Harris Interactive polled more than 1 thousand from 2nd-4th year colleges; it appears that only 1% of them used no digital technologies in their studies. 65% of information searches are being conducted through smartphones while only 20% of students search the Internet via PC. Ray Kurzweil once said: “Mobile phones are misnamed. They should be called gateways to human knowledge”.

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It is not only students who use smartphones and tablets for educational purposes. Not every classroom can afford a set of laptops for every student, so devices like smartphones become something useful for teachers as well.

So what makes people use smartphones and tablets in the classroom and outside? The answer is plain simply: it is easy to use, it gives no additional weight as a laptop, and it is fast and multifunctional. One can study, play, call, and take pictures using only one device. While we understand that mobile learning is gathering steam, we should think of mobile learning security as well.

Is m-learning secure?

Mobile security is a burning issue as companies move towards training and learning via mobile devices. One part of the security threat lies in identity theft and another one is closely connected with students using social media websites like Facebook and Instagram and online chats like iMessenger and KiK that lead to online dangers like cyberbullying, sexting, and contacts with online predators.

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Technologies have to be updated according to the fast developing Internet. In mobile education, privacy is especially important for sensitive data such as learner’s confidential information, personal data like phone number, credit card number, address, and assessment data.

Education is driving technologies by forcing giant companies like Apple to innovate their products according to m-learning secure system. Pumpic is proud to play a part in history of m-learning by providing mobile security and parental controls that allow protecting and securing thousands of students at the present time with a number growing.

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