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It’s Our Time to Help: Protecting Your Elderly Parents With Modern Technologies

April 20, 2016
elderly parents

Elderly parents express different complaints about modern technology, depending on their age. Some still cannot believe their phone has no wire and some just get irritated with annoying pop-up ads or unexpected messages from strangers on the cell phone screen. And there are also those whom you have registered on Facebook. They even got into the swing of using it on a regular basis and posting pictures of whatever they see to your wall, firmly believing those posts are private.

After a certain age, the older people get, the more childlike they become. It is being observed that the old get into the same toubles the young do. They get lost in the city, fall victims of scammers, and get their identities stollen (especially if they hold a high credit rating). Seniors also tend to get slightly teen-like in the issues of trust: either they become too naive and unwordly, or too distrustfull and suspicious. In both cases, however, they turn for help to technology, and to the Internet in particular.

Elderly people using technology


They research their health issues on the Internet, as they are too ashamed to consult with you or their doctor. They discuss you and their problems on social media with their peers. PewResearch Center findings show that the use of social networks among seniors has nearly doubled recently, and now more than 40 percent of people aged 50 and older are active users of Facebook and Twitter. Thus, it’s your duty of a responsible child to have a safety talk with your older parent once in awhile.

Explain your parents that although technology is everywhere, such sensitive things as bank information, credit card and social security numbers should be kept private, and shouldn\’t be shared with friends on Facebook, Twitter, or in private messages.

Inform old folks that the miracle health products in offers and ads shouldn’t be purchased without consulting a proper doctor. And not some online doctor they find on the Internet, but the one they make an appointment with face to face. And not via Skype, but at a clinic.

Teach them not to invest money in any affairs online. Even if some strangers talk to them more often than you do, they are still strangers, and thus cannot be trusted with any sensitive information. Even if you have ten common friends on Facebook.

The thing is that you are not always there for your parents, and you cannot block those annoying ads and scammers on your folks\’ phones. But what if you could? What if you could commit to monitoring your elderly parents while still miles away and dealing with your own business?

Parents with gadgets


Modern technologies offer a lot of devices and phone apps for aging parents. Still, there is no need to buy a lot, just make sure your parents take their cell phone with them everywhere or give them one of those smart watches. Those relatively small and easy to carry gadgets may substitute dozens of senior monitoring devices, so there is no need to buy a new item for a new need. Use the same technology that migh get them in trouble – their phone, to your advantage. Spare a minute or even ten, to install some health monitoring apps and play with Facebook privacy settings. Then, it would be a good idea to get a reliable parental control app with reasonable set of features on their phones too. Yes, those were designed to monitor your kids, but, as it was mentioned above, the aged become slightly childish.

In the manner, you will always \’be there\’ for your parents. You can monitor their blood pressure while on business trip in another city. You can block scammers in messangers and annoying sex-ads (on their request) while on vacation with your family in another country. You can get alerts when your parent unexpectadly leaves the town or even state with GPS-tracking. It\’s a great way to take care of your parents in the digital age.


Do you use any apps or devices to protect your parents? Share your tips in the comment section!

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