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Necessity of Parental Restrictions on Android

December 31, 2015
android parental restrictions

In case you are a parent of a teenager, one of the first things you should do is ensure your computer is protected with parental controls. In such case you will know what your kid is searching and watching online. But what about Android parental monitoring? Today a great amount of teens are using mobile devices as the main tool for web surfing, and it is essential to consider securing it as well.

What Are the Online Threats for Your Kid?

Besides having tons of inspiring and educational materials, the Internet is full of other websites and resources that would not bring your child any good. These include pornography and gambling sites, sources that encourage eating disorders and promote drug abuse.

Another part of the reason for setting parental controls on Android phones of your children is a great number of cyber criminals that might hurt people online. These are spending their time looking for people of different ages to troll on them. Sometimes this process may go to literally making person’s life a nightmare. In the light of such hazards waiting for your kid online, an app for parental controls on kid’s Android device looks like a necessity.

Why Parental Controls Are Important?

1) Today kids are always online. Statistics show that children aged five to 16 spend an average of 6.5 hours every day in front of a screen. Monitoring apps would supervise them for you and alert you about any inappropriate materials.

2) Kids make friends online. Most of the time kids making friends online is a good thing. But there are plenty of adults who may pretend to be children in order to lure youngsters into forming friendships. Android tablet parental control would help you with checking social interactions and blocking any suspicious users.

android restrictions


3) Not everyone online is who he or she claims to be. Catfishing today helps millions of frauds in getting access to personal information and even payment details. Your monitoring their activities would allow deleting any suspicious and dangerous emails and messages.

4) You cannot be everywhere and every time for them. Pity but fact – no matter how much you want it to be other way, time lack and kid’s desire for independence would not allow you looking over everything. Yet, parental controls in Android are backing you up and leaving time for other tasks.

5) Teaching about limits. If you are trying to set an online regime for your kid and teach him or her responsible online behavior, parental apps would help in this task. With the functions for limiting time children spend online, and reporting on their activities you will be able to create your own policies.

necessity of parental restrictions


What Are Cell Phone Monitoring Apps for Android to Choose?

The full list of parental apps is a topic for another article. But generally there are several types of apps to choose from. There are apps that would:

  • protect phone from accidental unlocking;
  • restrict seeing certain websites and content;
  • help parents limiting time use and calls/texts making and sending;
  • extend usage time for their phone by completing tasks like making homework or chores.

Summing up, we may say that parental restrictions on Android are essential for all parents of teenagers – with the time kids spend online increasing dramatically, you should be sure they are safe and sound even when you are not around.

What kind of parental restrictions do you apply? Share your experience with us on social media or leave your comment below!

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