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What Bullying Effects Can Haunt Your Kids Even When They Grow Up

June 23, 2016
negative effects of bullying

It is interesting to know that many psychological problems that we, grownups, face actually trace back to our childhood, when we were developing our social skills, making friends, going through physiological and emotional changes, etc. Quite a big number of these problems are, in fact, connected to bullying. This phenomenon is so spread among kids and teens that we currently have one in four school students reporting being bullied at school, not mentioning those who tell no one. Moreover, we now have cyberbullying, too, which means children don’t feel safe even when they are at home. Many of those kids don’t get rid of those problems when they graduate; bullying effects keep haunting them into their grown-up life.

How does cyber bullying start?

The latest statistics show that up to 23% of children (in the age of 9-18 years) already know what cyberbullying is. In most cases, victims and aggressors know each other as they have some kind of conflicts in real life. They can have some quarrels at school, which can be followed by online clashes.

bullied kid


Bullying effects

Struggling of the negative effects of bullying is not a modern problem, but it has new connotations now due to the development of the Internet and the ability to follow everyone’s private life and even comment on it. The digital life dictates its own demands of behavior. The stereotype is that you are not a popular person if you do not have many followers and ‘likes’ under your photos and posts. Kids and teens may react to this very intensively. They now get very upset not only when they are called names at school, but also when they receive negative messages or comments online.

However, the real problem is that it can affect adult life very much, too. The long-term effects of cyberbullying can cause various impacts on grown-ups. Also, bullying can influence not only the victims of these negative actions but also those who bully.

Bullying and cyberbullying statistics show us that 72% of those who faced this problem in their childhood cannot live an ordinary life when becoming older. These people can have the following difficulties:

  • Victim syndrome. Having been an “ugly duckling” for years at school, an older person may partner with people who will cause him or her psychological and even physical harm. It is doubtful that such relationship would let the bullying victim live a happy life. What is even worse, a partner who does not see any restraints can humiliate and hurt the victim.
  • Depression is the other thing that can influence the future of an individual who has a bullying experience. Not believing anyone and having self-esteem problems, a person may start to bury these problems in smoking, alcohol, drugs. Those things can obviously lead to serious consequences.
long lasting bullying effects


  • Loneliness. It may be caused by the problems with socializing – that is how bullying affects children, making them feel uncomfortable in other people’s company. Being in public can even lead to panic attacks. The adult may withdraw into his lonely shell and avoid any people.

  • Aggressive behavior may be another effect of being hurt for a long period and can make a person angry at the whole world. A harmless joke, an accidental glance can make one lose their control. It can even lead up to a criminal case.

As you see, bullying can have serious consequences for the whole life. Its impact may have no symptoms for many years, but become apparent when no one is expecting it to happen. We recommend parents to pay maximum attention to children and do everything it takes to prevent bullying. If you failed to prevent it, you need to do anything possible to fix it. The earlier you find out about the problem – the easier and quicker you and your kid can cope with it and live a full, bright, happy and long life.

Have your kids been bullied? How do you deal with it?

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