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New Barbie Connects Your Kid to the Internet

April 10, 2015
barbie and internet icon

It is really hard to find a girl, who has never dreamed of the best doll of all times – Barbie. This doll becomes the best friend and a keeper of all girl’s secrets. Millions of girlies remember their favorite Barbie for a lifetime.

With the development of technologies, all toys moved to a new higher level of functionality, let alone all girls’ sweetheart. The story of Barbie begins in 1959, and since that date, there are at least twelve basic Barbie Dolls and hundreds of modifications. The producer of the dolls, Mattel, has even established several classifications according to color labels from inexpensive to exclusive editions of the doll.

This February went under the Hello Barbie sign – Mattel’s the world’s first interactive Barbie doll created a sensation. From now on, Barbie is not a dumb as a carp guardian of an owner’s secrets – it is a comprehensive participant of a conversation that asks and answers questions, and is always glad to communicate with a child.

Many girls all over the world will duly appreciate the possibility of speaking with a teeny-weeny best friend, but there is no telling about their parents. The performance of a dialog includes recording of the child’s answers and sending the information back to Mattel servers, where it is filed and processed. To do so, the doll connects to the Internet and sends all information with help of enabled Wi-Fi.

It is difficult to overestimate the level of children’s affiance to their favorite dolls, and they often confide the most private thoughts and dreams to their toy friend. In addition, the perspective of sharing this private information troubles thoughtful parents.

Pumpic has a sound solution that can protect your child – with help of monitoring software you will keep track of all dollish conversations and protect the childhood of your kid.

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