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Pumpic Introduces New Monitoring Features

March 17, 2015
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Pumpic keeps on moving at least a step ahead of modern monitoring software development. It reasonably improves existing features and presents new advanced ones.

This time the app introduces long-expected solutions, which will let parents take care of their kids even more comprehensively:

  1. iCloud Solution (jailbreak-free)
  2. Geo-fencing
  3. Limit Applications
  4. Instagram Monitoring

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1. iCloud Solution (jailbreak-free)


icloud solution features table

The first and most prospective option broadens monitoring horizons and allows Pumpic users to enjoy the application on iPhones, iPads and iPods Touch without jailbreak.

iCloud Solution keeps track of data backups and enables parents to monitor the information from their children’s iOS smartphones and tablets easier than before.

All Apple devices allow saving data on remote servers. Such information includes sent and received text messages, incoming and outgoing calls, contacts, plans scheduled in the calendar, visited and preferred websites (bookmarks).

Thus, if you connect to your kid’s iCloud, you will be able to monitor all this data remotely from your own device. And Pumpic provides you with such an opportunity.

As it was previously mentioned, iCloud Solution does not require jailbreak, which is its primary benefit. In addition, you do not need to take your kid’s cell phone and install the app on it. All you need is to know iCloud entries, namely login and password.

However, physical access may still be needed to turn on iCloud Backup in settings menu, in case it is disabled initially.

geo-fencing android picture

2. Geo-fencing (Android only)

Another new and useful feature by Pumpic is Geo-fencing. This option lets parents set and control specified areas, where their children are not allowed to be, or on the contrary, are forbidden to leave.

You simply define zones on the map (school, home, granny’s house etc.) and receive email notifications, once your kid leaves it or enters. This way, you prevent your children from visiting dangerous areas or going out anywhere without your permission.

limit apps on android picture

3. Limit Applications (Android only)

Pumpic also introduces ability to Limit Applications. You can now set time restrictions, when your kids may play games or use any other apps on their smartphones and tablets.

Thus, depending on a limit type (instantly or softly), a limited application will either be disabled without any notifications or keep running, until it is closed. After being closed, an application will be blocked, when trying to run it again.

This feature will help you control your children’s time spending and prevent them from skipping homework.

instagram monitoring android picture

4. Instagram Monitoring (Android only)

And finally, one more solution – Instagram Monitoring. The name actually shines through. This feature allows you to keep track of your kid’s activity on the most popular photo-sharing social media – Instagram.

With its help, you will easily find out which photos or videos your children upload on Instagram as well as all of your kids’ comments and those posted by their friends.

Nowadays kids used to share everything they do with their friends via social networks. At the same time, most of them are smart enough to hide it all from parents by customizing privacy modes. With these new options, everything hidden will be revealed to you by Pumpic.

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