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Kids' Phone Safety Blog

Top Addictive Apps Kids Spend Too Much Time on

May 29, 2017
time wasting games icon

The chances are close to 100% that you are a parent of a kid who’s already got his/her own cell phone. Hence, you know well how much addicted most of the children are to their gadgets. Even more so, if their device is a modern smartphone with an instant Internet access and a few mobile games installed on i …

Why Seniors Should Get “Social” Online

May 24, 2017
networking for elderly

There is no doubt that advances in technology and the advent of social media have brought about numerous benefits. These developments have not only helped people to connect better but have also changed the way people interact with each other. Today, people in different parts of the world can share informa …

How Pumpic Can Help You Understand Your Introverted Child More

May 18, 2017
introverted child

Our world keeps rushing and changing constantly to become extremely social. Means and ways of communication change, too: handwritten letters and greeting cards are almost forgotten, while endless chats and countless posts on social networks became a part of our everyday life. Caring parents learn to bring up …

Netiquette: Teach Your Kids to Be Polite Online

May 12, 2017
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Being polite is something that every child is taught by his or her parents from their early childhood. Simple rules, such as saying “please” and “thank you,” wishing a nice day, not being rude or calling names, not yelling, not interrupting the speaker and many others, once new for a kid, soon become …

Anonymous Text Messaging Can Be Dangerous for Teens

April 24, 2017
anonymous messaging apps icon

All parents know well how much modern teens are obsessed with the Internet and especially social networks. It is a fast and easy way to stay in touch with the friends, chat, share news, photos, and videos. However, we should remember that not all of the social media are safe and harmless. Sites that offer an …

How to Prevent Your Kids from Using Drugs

April 13, 2017
kids and drugs icon

Every parent realizes that sooner or later their child will get to know what drugs are, there's no way to avoid this problem. This information may come from any source: mass media, a movie, an advertisement or even a music video. Besides, kids at school often share with each other what they know about differ …

Teen Stress: What Are the Consequences and How You Can Help

April 7, 2017
teen stress management icon

Going through the everyday routine and hustle of modern high-speed life, adults experience stress regularly. It’s not easy to keep the balance in family life, raise kids, work, housekeep, do sports, leisure and many other things at the same time. However, the life of modern children, and in particular - te …

Pumpic iCloud Solution Is Now Fully Compatible iOS 10.3

March 29, 2017
10-3-without-jailbreak icon

It's been just two days since Apple rolled out its iOS 10.3 update, and guess what? That's right, Pumpic pleased to announce that our iOS (iCloud) monitoring solution is fully compatible with the all-new iOS! Hence, you can light-heartedly update your Apple device to the latest iOS version and rest assure …

Apple Makes a Difference with New Red iPhone 7

March 22, 2017
red iphone icon

The red-hot news spread like a wildfire: Apple officially unveils red iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus – just as it has been rumored for several months. The devices are vibrant and the most striking of all available iPhone colors, but it is not the point. By buying this special edition, customers can contribu …

10 Popular Online Scams You Should Tell Your Kids About

March 21, 2017
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All parents know that modern kids can’t imagine their life without the Internet. Most of the children spend some time on the World Wide Web every single day, chatting with friends, watching videos, playing online games or looking for the useful information for their studies. However, even while doing su …

What You Should Do If Your Kid Runs Away

March 14, 2017
kids run away

Probably, one of the worst and the scariest things that any parent can imagine is to find out that their child has gone missing. In a critical situation, when kids run away from home, their parents experience very strong emotions – from anguish to fear and anger. However, it’s crucial to try to get feeli …

Selfie-Mania: How It Can Harm Your Kids

March 7, 2017
selfie mania icon

Unless you’ve been living in the thicket of a forest for the past few years, the term “selfie” is not something unheard of for you. Special apps, tools, and even tutorials for taking selfie photos, as well as over 250 million pictures with the tag #selfie posted on Instagram only up to date, prove that …

Teach Your Kids Some Smartphone Etiquette

February 24, 2017
smartphone etiquette

Today, it doesn’t matter what you are or where you are; technology has penetrated into every bit of our lives. Various gizmos, multi-functional gadgets, and ground-breaking technologies consume more of our time than anything or anybody else. However, there is definitely one outstanding device nearly every …

Instagram Stories: Teach Your Kids to Use Them Right

February 17, 2017
instagram stories icon

Having been around for years, Instagram was always among trendy and most favored social media platforms for all ages. The app is exceptionally popular among teens, tweens and younger ones for its unique way of interaction with people online. Apart from majoring in picture-sharing, Instagram also allows for p …

Mobile Monitoring Does Not Ruin Trust between Parents and Kids

February 14, 2017
parental trust icon

In our modern technology-imbued world, online activity and Internet usage account for a considerable part of people’s life. In particular, nowadays kids are so caught up in online life that it is hard to imagine them without a device in hand. Not only is the Internet used for educational, business, and …

Pumpic iCloud Monitoring Solution Now Works with Two-Factor Authentication

February 9, 2017
two-factor authentication icon

Pumpic team is working indefatigably to improve our service and introduce new features. One of the elements highly demanded by our customers lately was the ability to perform iOS iCloud monitoring with the two-factor authentication enabled on the child's device. We are proud to deliver the feature that you'v …

Pumpic iCloud Solution Now Supports iOS 10.2.1

January 31, 2017
icloud solution supports iOS 10.2.1

Being up-to-date with the latest platforms' updates is the key to effective monitoring. That's why Pumpic team is glad to announce that our iOS (iCloud) monitoring solution is now fully compatible with iOS 10.2.1. It means that you can keep taking advantage of Pumpic’s comprehensive monitoring features …

Common Teenage Problems and How to Deal with Them

January 24, 2017
teen problems

Parenting a teenager is not easy. It is a responsible and hard work, requiring a good deal of patience and understanding. Going through different teenage phases is accompanied by the significant physical and spiritual changes. Adolescence is no exception. It is the time of rebellion. Youngsters search for …

Negative Effects of Cell Phones on Your Health

January 16, 2017
effects of cellphones

Good health is above wealth. We can't but agree with this folk wisdom. However, as it turns out to be, many of us undermine our mental and physical state day by day, using cell phones so excessively. A recent survey found out that 92% of American adults have mobile phones today. 31% of them admit they never …

5 Best Peer Pressure Solutions for Your Teen

January 11, 2017
peer preassure solutions

When it comes to teens and peer pressure, education science has lots of recommendations on how to tackle the problem. And rightly so. It’s a common thing when a teen gets forced to do something that they actually don’t want to do. More often than not, this applies to bad habits. According to the statisti …

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