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Kids' Phone Safety Blog

Pumpic Launches Kik Messenger Monitoring for Jailbreak-free Solution

June 17, 2016
Kik Messenger

Pumpic listens out for our customers’ wishes and keeps new features coming in to enhance monitoring possibilities as well as improve our users’ experience. Hence, we are glad and proud to introduce highly demanded tracking option for our iCloud solution. Kik messenger monitoring is now available for j …

Technology Tricks for Parents: How to Find Hidden Apps on Android

June 15, 2016
find hidden apps

Everybody who owns a smart mobile device wants to be its sovereign user. Especially, when it comes to children, the desire for privacy and supreme gadget control is most apparent. Android devices are extremely popular among kids for their relatively low price and multiple features. Unfortunately, in most …

Danger Alert! Most Common Troubles Teenagers Face

June 13, 2016
teenage troubles

Being a teenager is a big deal. This age is full of different surprises: you expand your knowledge, you learn something new every single day, you are full of expectations and emotions, and you try to find your place in the world. Young people start to love, live and communicate. However, on the other side, t …

What Do Kids Think about Their Parents Spying on Their Phones?

May 23, 2016
parents spying on kids

So, here is your teen kid sitting in front of you and you think he or she is safe. This scenario was true like a decade ago when all your kid’s attention was not drawn to the Internet-connected mobile device. According to McAfee ‘Teens and the Screen’ study, while 90 percent of teens say their pare …

iPhone Recovery Stick and Other Cool Gadgets for Parents

May 20, 2016
iPhone recovery stick

Being a parent is exciting and challenging at the same time. With having kids, you have a lot of problems to face. However, technological advances can make your life and parenting experience much easier. Amazing gadgets appear every day; thus, you have a wonderful chance to take advantage of the coolest prod …

How Gender Stereotyping Leads to Bullying

May 17, 2016
gender stereotypes

What is gender stereotyping? How can it affect young people? Gender stereotypes are defined as biased and generally established judgments about some traits of people due to their gender. For instance, girls need to wear pink, love to sing and dance, play with dolls, and enjoy cooking. From a young age, boys …

What Risks Can Be Prevented by Locating Your Kid’s Cell Phone?

May 13, 2016
phone locating

So, your phone is missing, and you are typing 'how to locate my cell phone' in a search engine. Depending on your phone, you can actually call it or see its location on the map. But what if it’s not your phone, but your kid’s phone. You are trying to reach your daughter or son, and there is no answer. Yo …

The Teen Brain: What and Why You Should Know about Teenager Decision-Making

May 11, 2016
young brain

Our brain evolves throughout life but the dramatic differences occur in adolescence. The brain is not fully developed till the 20s, that’s why teens are at a greater danger of making decisions they can regret later. Have you ever wondered why teenagers behave in a spontaneous, troubling and senseless wa …

Social Networks: 5 Ways They Can Harm Your Kids

April 25, 2016
sides of social networks

Social networks thrive as they've never thrived before. It is quite difficult today to find people who are not registered at this or that social platform. And kids and teens are not the exceptions. Even though many social networks have age restrictions, it is not a problem for them to ignore these restrictio …

Brain Development: Helping Your Kids’ Mental Progress

April 22, 2016
brain development

Many people wonder about the age when the brain is fully developed. In fact, this topic is extensively discussed today. Scientists used to believe that the brain develops until the age of 20. However, today experts admit that the brain continues to mature till the 30s. This fact means that young people canno …

Mission Possible, or How to Familiarize Your Senior Parents with Modern Technology

April 21, 2016
senior parents and technology

Today there are so many technological inventions and advancements. In fact, technology makes our lives easier. There are a lot of cool gadgets and apps everywhere; iPod, iPhone, GPS tracking devices, e-books, Xboxes are all those things we cannot imagine our existence without. When we become older, we can …

It’s Our Time to Help: Protecting Your Elderly Parents With Modern Technologies

April 20, 2016
elderly parents

Elderly parents express different complaints about modern technology, depending on their age. Some still cannot believe their phone has no wire and some just get irritated with annoying pop-up ads or unexpected messages from strangers on the cell phone screen. And there are also those whom you have registere …

Pros and Cons of Reading Your Kids’ Text Messages

April 19, 2016
reading kids texts

Parents are naturally concerned with their children's safety, and the worries differ depending on the age of the child. Which vitamins to take when you are expecting, how to toddlerproof your home when your baby starts to make its first steps, what protection to buy along with the first scooter or a pair o …

Parenting Briefing: What Is Digital Privacy and Why Is It Needed?

April 18, 2016
digital privacy

Do you know that it is very simple to find some information about you online? Does your kid know about it? It’s much easier than you might think. Everything your children share via social media, and things they search in different browsers can be tracked by governments, different Internet companies and som …

Cyberbullying Facts: Why Do Girls Get the Most of It?

April 15, 2016
bullying girls

A bullying issue has always been a problem for many kids starting from primary school and finishing with high school. But with increased usage of the Internet over the years, more and more kids are falling the victims for cyberbullying. About 81% of kids believe cyberbullying is much easier and 'safer' to …

Online Security: Why Would You Need Hidden Android Tracking App?

April 12, 2016
android tracking app

Ask any parent of an underage child whether or not he has major concerns about kid’s online security, and you will get a ‘Yes’ answer 9 times out of 10. This fact is self-explanatory for every adult who used the Internet at least once. Yet, if you ask those concerned parents whether they are using any …

Child Protection on Android: How to Make Mobile Device Safe for Your Kid?

April 8, 2016
child protection on Android

Safe Internet surfing for everyone is a complicated thing today. When we talk about the Internet, we usually describe is as a global ‘spider web’. Well, ‘world wide web’ name is there for a reason. But there is another, less poetic description – the Internet is a huge flea market where you can find …

Can You Spy on iPhone Using iCloud? Couple of Tips for Worried Parents

April 6, 2016
spy on iphone with icloud

Let’s face it: sometimes parenting is hard. Especially if your kids are already teens and they are questioning every word you say. Well, younger kids are not easier to parent – the Internet is full of information they are not ready for. But statistics show kids in the age 8 to 18 spend at least 6 hours a …

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