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Kids' Phone Safety Blog

Children & Smartphones: What’s the Right Age?

February 23, 2016
kids and phones

Today's kids use smartphones on a regular basis. Digital devices are becoming an essential part of life for every child. According to the Pew Research Center, an average kid gets his or her first smartphone at the age of 11. Children ages 2–10 use their parents\' smartphones for playing games and getting a …

St. Valentine’s Pushes Kids to Using Dating Apps. Pumpic Offers Solution

February 12, 2016

February 14th has always caused couples to feel the heart, make something special for each other, and share warmth. However, with the integration of technologies deeper in our lives, even St. Valentine’s starts losing its romance.Modern young people do not write poems when fall in love. Relationships s …

Parental Control for iPhones and Androids: Pros and Cons

February 1, 2016
iphones vs androids

Even kids of the strictest parents can be naughty from time to time. Add here the peer pressure, restless teen age, and impunity (at least partial one) given by modern technologies that might offer anonymity, and you will get a burning mixture that might blow up hard, if you don’t keep it under a wise and …

Android Marshmallow Features Everyone Will Love

January 28, 2016
android marshmallow

You know how it usually goes – Google is talking about a new Android to be released soon, and all you get is a slightly different button design, and nothing helpful or innovative. Despite all the previous disappointments Android Marshmallow is going to be the coolest version to be released for today. Here …

Should Parents Use Kids’ Real Names As Google ID On Android Devices?

January 27, 2016
android google id

It seems like only yesterday first mobile phones were introduced to the public. But here we have, the year 2016, and most of our lives and everyday activities somehow involve smartphones and other mobile devices. No one can say that such connection with the web is a bad thing – technologies have made our l …

AfterSchool App – Another Online Risk Parents Should Consider

January 25, 2016
afterschool application

What can be more natural for a modern kid than being a social media savvy? In a digital world, where 73% of teens have access to a smartphone, it is no surprise that your kid might be actively communicating on most social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, which have become incr …

Joining the Party: Do You Monitor You Kid’s Digital Life?

January 21, 2016
kids digital life

Is your teen daughter head over heels on the Internet again? Are you suspicious about people she is chatting with? Is it your son whose behavior is disturbing as well as his under-eye circles he has after all night online? Well, join the party – you are not the only worried parent out there!Even though …

How to Track Browser History on Android

January 1, 2016
android browser history

Android OS is probably the most popular platform for smartphones and tablets worldwide and only iOS can compete with it. It is user-friendly, effective, and powerful, though there is a blot on the landscape – Android, unlike iOS, has no built-in parental controls. There are attempts to solve this situation …

Necessity of Parental Restrictions on Android

December 31, 2015
android parental restrictions

In case you are a parent of a teenager, one of the first things you should do is ensure your computer is protected with parental controls. In such case you will know what your kid is searching and watching online. But what about Android parental monitoring? Today a great amount of teens are using mobile devi …

Are There Parental Controls on Android Phones?

December 30, 2015
android parental controls

Can you imagine yourself sitting beside your teen and watching him or her chatting with friends? It seems that the approach that could work with your child will not work in this case. Moreover, teenagers are notorious for spending ages browsing through the Internet and social media. Most likely that you have …

Parental Guide to Sneaky Camera Apps

December 29, 2015
sneaky apps

The fact that a word ‘selfie’ is now included in the diaries shows how pictures are important for modern generations. Even adults agree that taking pictures and sharing them with friends helps feeling close and connected, as well as helps remembering the most precious moments. But unfortunately, there ar …

Star Wars Under Parental Controls

December 28, 2015
star wars vs parental control

Among numerous films created in Hollywood, the Star Wars saga by George Lucas is definitely must-see. The story of heroes Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia, as well as the famous villain Darth Vader is inspirational for many generations of kids and grown-ups dreaming to become the next Jedi knight …

How to Unplug Kids from Screens of Mobile Gadgets on Christmas Holidays

December 24, 2015
unplug holidays

Christmas holiday season is your chance to share fantastic moments with your family. There are so many things to do together, so many words to say each other. That’s why as a careful parent you should make sure that nothing bothers you and your loved ones.Below you will find some useful tips on how to …

Pumpic Introduces Free Control Panel Mobile App for Android Smartphones

December 17, 2015

Pumpic keeps forging ahead making its monitoring solutions even more advanced and user-friendly. Today the company introduces another useful addition for its clients – Pumpic Control Panel Mobile App – a separate mobile application to access the Control Panel of Pumpic’s monitoring app. From now on, p …

Can Parents Read Text Messages?

December 1, 2015
read text messages

Modern children prefer texting to making calls. According to the International Smartphone Mobility Report by Infomate, sending text messages these days 5 times exceeds the number of phone conversations. That’s why an opportunity of monitoring texts is so crucial for parents.As estimated, people in the …

Is Spying On Text Messages Illegal?

November 30, 2015
texts spying

The common rule is that it is illegal to spy on text messages because it violates a person’s privacy. By spying, it's meant unauthorized surveillance over one’s mobile device without their consent.On the other hand, there are circumstances under which one person can track text messages from one cell …

How to Detect Spy App on Android

November 25, 2015
spy app on android icon

Monitoring apps are very popular these days. And though it is illegal to use them other than for parental control or supervising employees, who know and agree to it, some people still violate rights of others unfairly applying monitoring apps for spying.To prevent users from illegal survaillance, develop …

Where to Find Pumpic Coupons & Pumpic Trial

November 17, 2015
pumpic coupon icon

We at Pumpic always take care of our clients. By not only providing them with reliable monitoring and comprehensive child protection, but affordable prices and saving offers as well. Thus, each and everyone, who buys the 6 or 12-month Pumpic plan, also gets two identical subscriptions for free.However, y …

Multitasking Damages Kids’ Brains and Productivity

November 4, 2015
multitasking and teens icon

Everyone knows there are some issues about multitasking. However, as studies of Stanford University show, multitasking is not only problematic, it can also reasonably reduce your performance and damage your brain.The issue becomes even more crucial, when it comes to children. The point is that many of th …