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Parental Guide to Sneaky Camera Apps

December 29, 2015
sneaky apps

The fact that a word ‘selfie’ is now included in the diaries shows how pictures are important for modern generations. Even adults agree that taking pictures and sharing them with friends helps feeling close and connected, as well as helps remembering the most precious moments. But unfortunately, there are other ways and reasons your kids may use camera on their phones.

There is a quite large group of phone apps today that differ from traditional ones you would install to make better pictures. They help users hiding pictures instead of posting them or simply saving in places where others can see those. The most common names to such apps are ‘ghost’ apps, ‘hidden-photo vault apps’, and the general idea of those is helping one take a photo without anyone knowing, and then keep it somewhere hidden.

secret camera apps


Stealth Cam and others of its kind are used for spying on people. They disguise a preview window for a standard camera, so it does not look like one, switch off the sound and even activate camera to start recording via a motion sensor.

Calculator%, Best Secret Folder and others are used for hiding photos that user does not want to be seen. Among the general characteristics, they share having a disguise Calculator% actually works like calculator until you type in a secret password combination. If you would try to break in without a password, such apps might take a picture of you, or send user a notification. Some would even delete secret photos.

Why children might want to use such apps?

A part of the answer is pretty obvious – teenagers are going through a riot phase, and they simply want some privacy, and it is quite normal. We all need a small island where we could relax and be ourselves.

Nevertheless, the other part of the reason kids use such apps is the fact that sexting phenomenon is becoming more and more widespread among students of middle and high school. This dangerous behavior originates from the desire of kids to explore themselves and their sexuality (which is a normal part of growing up).



However, the danger lies in the nature of the Internet itself – kids don’t get that once you share a photo you have no more control over it. And the consequences of their deeds may influence a great number of people.

If you suspect your teenager might be using one of the sneaky apps, open dialogue is the only tool you should use – show your kids that you respect their privacy and find out the reasons for hiding anything.

Android phone tracking software installed on your children’s devices will be of help here. They will show you all activities they perform on their smartphones and tablets, and help you reveal hidden and misgiving ones.

Are you sure that your kid isn’t hiding anything from you on his or her smartphone? Share your experience with us on social media or leave your comment below!

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