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Parents Disagree Over Parental Control Issues

July 24, 2015
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If you ask a parent of a teenager whether it is necessary to monitor kids’ online activities, the answer will probably be positive. However, if you at the same time ask a counter-question whether he or she uses any kind of parental controls, the answer is more likely to be negative. And that is confusing.

Generally, most parents are concerned about children on the Internet. None of them wants their kids to be exposed to online dangers like explicit or violent content, cyberbullying, sexual abuse, online predators’ attacks, or fraud. However, their approaches to securing children on the web vary widely starting from doing nothing and up to forbidding Internet access as such.

Frankly speaking, both of the aforementioned approaches are forlorn attempts. On one hand, if you don’t take any actions on child safety, you deliberately expose your kids to online perils. On the other one, if you taboo Internet use completely, you strip your kid of a huge source of useful information, an ability to communicate with age mates, and at the same time risk to make your child a white crow among others, who know what’s going on online.

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Source: appinstructor.com

When it comes to parental control use, parents tend to fall under three categories:

  • those, who use parental controls as a must;
  • those, who apply parental surveillance without using software;
  • and those, who prefer a so-called liberal approach.

Parental control is a must

There are many parents, who don’t allow children to go online until parental control software is installed on their smartphones and tablets, as well as desktop computers. Thus, they capable of monitoring all kinds of Internet activities and at the same time, limiting the access to inappropriate content kids may come across on the web. These parents set up parental controls on their kids’ phone and iPod Touch to monitor their youtube, social networks, and other accounts.

Non-software surveillance

Some parents prefer tried and proven techniques and simply put a computer or set Wi-Fi access zone somewhere in the middle of home traffic, other words a place, where adults tend to be most of their time at home (living room, kitchen etc.) Thus, kids and their Internet connected devices are in plain view mainly, meanwhile parents (over shoulder) can keep an eye on what they do online.

Liberal approach

Parents, who choose this way of child protection, tend to rely on trust relationships with children. They consider kids sensible enough to omit inappropriate content and use the Internet for “peaceable” purposes only.

kids lay with devices

Source: makeuseof.com

Well, such liberal approach may do, if you are a hundred percent positive about your children, who won’t try to follow links to “breaking news” containing violent videos or 18+ photos, won’t read funny stories with bad words or adult pictures, and by no means will chat with strangers on social networks. However, you cannot be sure about restricted content they may face accidentally as well as millions of people they may contact on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. (or be contacted by).

In addition, with no parental control on your kids’ devices you will not have any chance to follow their online activities outside the home.

According to Pew Research Center, 92% of teenagers visit the Internet on daily basis and prefer mobile devices to laptops or desktop computers. In addition, children tend to go online while parents are not nearby, while at school or when parents are at work. And that’s is one more reason why parental control software is essential. It simply lets you keep your eyes open remotely at any time you see fit.

Talk to your kids about online safety and use Pumpic!

Rachel Fowlers
Rachel Flowers is a journalist with a big passion for technologies. She has recently graduated from San Francisco State University and sees herself as a freelance writer. She enjoys blogging about computer and mobile technologies as well as different software. In her free time, she learns coding and foreign languages. Contact .

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