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Danger Alert! Most Common Troubles Teenagers Face

June 13, 2016
teenage troubles

Being a teenager is a big deal. This age is full of different surprises: you expand your knowledge, you learn something new every single day, you are full of expectations and emotions, and you try to find your place in the world. Young people start to love, live and communicate. However, on the other side, this age is full of different troubles. It’s a great challenge! And everybody – children and their parents – have to pay much attention in order to understand each other, to listen to each other and to make a mutual living like a fairy tale, but not a horror movie.

Social activity is an important part of the modern teens’ life. However, there are still some aspects that can affect the child’s life. Here are some common troubles teenagers face today.

Bad company

bad company for teens


First of all, every teenager has to have his or her devoted person to chat, to share secrets and to spend some time with. All the young people are highly emotional; they can be the best friends with somebody today and hate each other tomorrow. Here ‘s what you can do to help.

  • Be sure that your child consorts with the right company, as the personal safety for teenagers depends greatly on the environment – fellows, with whom your kid communicates.
  • Don’t be too annoying! Advise and guide but do not order.
  • Teach your child to respect other opinions, to back off and apologize if it is needed. Younger and older generation have different points of views. It is always important to find a happy medium in each case.

Online troubles

teen online activities


Nowadays, different popular blogs for teenagers, websites such as Facebook and Twitter, and other applications can help modern teens communicate, share their emotions, photos and any facts they want the world to know about them. Nevertheless, web communication is also dangerous. There are many unknown people who can mistreat and use the information from your kids’ profiles for fraudulent purposes.

  • Explain your kid that it is crucial to sort out personal information he or she posts on the Internet.
  • Teach your teenager to stay positive and not to become dependent on ‘likes’ and feedbacks. No one can be liked by everyone. Your child has to know how to stand up against it.
  • Control their online activities and get alerts of any suspicious things.

Physiological changes

teen mental issues


One more important thing is growing-up physically. When your children get older, they have to face with some peculiarities of their health condition and body. A parent has to explain how to cope with them and give some personal safety tips for teenagers. For example, girls face up with menstruation. So mothers must be ready to help their daughters and give them all the necessary information.

  • Explain to your girl that it is an entirely natural process.
  • Pay a visit to a doctor to make sure that everything is ok.
  • Teach how to calculate the monthly periods.
  • Give the personal tips (your personal experience is the best way to calm down your daughter and assure that she will easily live her normal life within this process).

School issues

school issues


The fourth and one of the most important things your teenager faces every day is studying. The pressure by teachers, different problems with classmates, low grades – all of this can make your child feel depressed.

  • Do not blame your child if he or she is not a brilliant student.
  • Explain that grades are not the main thing while studying. Personality development for teenagers doesn’t depend on them.
  • Lend your child a helping hand. Make the projects together – you can spend a good time and show your kid that learning process can be exciting.
  • Do not compare your children with others. They are absolutely unique and don’t have to be or act like the rest.

You have to understand that the life of your children is sometimes more complicated than yours. They have to face up with a great variety of modern problems of a teenager. They may not know how to come through some hard times, and only you can help them. Be respectful to their interests and needs. Do not judge them too strict. And try to cooperate. That’s how you and your kids will live a long happy life.

Does your teenager face any of these issues? What do you do in similar situations?

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