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Pumpic Launches Photo/Video Monitoring in SMS and iMessage for Jailbreak-free Solution

December 6, 2016
Photo Video Monitoring

Pumpic team enjoys improving our customers’ experience with each new function we add. Especially, when the feature is highly demanded by our clients.

We are excited to introduce you to our newest enhancement to SMS/iMessage tracking feature – photo, video and other attachments monitoring for the Pumpic iCloud Solution. The option is available for jailbreak-free Apple devices starting from iOS 9+!

From now on, you can view photos sent via SMS or iMessage right in the Control Panel. To watch video files or open attachments of other types (e.g., archived files, texts, tables, etc.), you will have to download them via provided link.

Pumpic photo and video monitoring

Worth noting that texting and sending images and videos with SMS/iMessage is one of the most popular daily smartphone uses by kids. Multimedia monitoring greatly benefits to recognizing signs of cyberbullying, sexting or other inappropriate activities. Thus, you’re enabled to take action to protect your children right away.

We at Pumpic are committed to providing non-stop improvements our application to make it even more advanced and comprehensive so that you could secure your little ones.

Learn more about jailbreak-free iCloud Solution options and benefits now!

We also remind you that the 40% off offer on every second subscription plan is still valid, so don’t miss it out!

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