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Protecting Kids with Mobile Monitoring

May 22, 2015
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You can become a paranoid parent lightning fast these days. We all have to cope with an enormous amount of stress, work stuff and additional problems. Moreover, we somehow have to manage being good parents. That is hard, no doubt.

Technology may be one of the greatest things that happened to our generation. It does help us with our everyday problems and makes our lives easier. But at the same time it has a great influence on our children.

According to the latest studies, modern kids spend around 3 hours online daily with 90% of this time via their smartphones. And although the Internet is a powerful information channel, it is potentially dangerous, as it can expose the adult world that our children are not ready to see yet.

18+ websites, cyberbullying, online predators, gaming and generally misgiving people can be lurking on your child’s cell phone without you knowing.

As parents, we are responsible for security and wellbeing of our children. And although we may trust our children, we shouldn’t be naïve to trust everybody they can contact online.

If you ask yourself a question “how to track my kid’s iPhone?”, you should try a parental control app. Such apps allow remote monitoring of your child’s iPhone, so he/she won’t get mad at you for disturbing their privacy. Using parental control apps you can track your child’s real time GPS location and view precise route history.

Parental controls allow you to view all incoming/outgoing and even deleted messages your child receives. You can also view call logs, contact list and scheduled events on your child’s iPhone. If you want to track your kids’ phone and see who adds your child on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you can use parental controls as well.

In order to protect your child from explicit content, violence, and racial prejudice you can block adult websites remotely through your personal panel. And most importantly, you will have an access to all VoIP chats like Viber, WhatsApp etc., which are most popular among teens these days.

As parents, we should let our children learn and use technology as it presents the future. Nevertheless, it is our responsibility to make sure they are learning what they really need.

Rachel Fowlers
Rachel Flowers is a journalist with a big passion for technologies. She has recently graduated from San Francisco State University and sees herself as a freelance writer. She enjoys blogging about computer and mobile technologies as well as different software. In her free time, she learns coding and foreign languages. Contact .

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