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Pumpic iCloud Solution Is Now Fully Compatible iOS 10.3

March 29, 2017
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It’s been just two days since Apple rolled out its iOS 10.3 update, and guess what? That’s right, Pumpic pleased to announce that our iOS (iCloud) monitoring solution is fully compatible with the all-new iOS!

Hence, you can light-heartedly update your Apple device to the latest iOS version and rest assured that monitoring will keep operating as it should. Actually, your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch should upgrade to iOS 10.3 automatically – if it has not yet happened. Alternatively, you can launch the update manually through Settings.

compatibility ios 10.3

The main change that iOS 10.3 brings is the new file system developed specifically for mobile flash drives. As a result, after the update, your Apple device will probably get a bit faster. You will hardly notice this right away, but apps that write plenty of data to a disk (like video processing) might seem snappier.

And of course, we just can’t overlook the Find my AirPods feature – a real life savior for many!

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