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What Parents Need To Know About Schizophrenia In Teenagers

June 29, 2016
schizophrenia in teens

Many parents hope that a disease like schizophrenia will never happen to their beloved kid. Unfortunately, the statistics show that approximately 51 million people in the world have this dreadful ailment. In most cases, a person is about 15-30 years old when the first symptoms start to appear. Schizophrenia in teenagers is easy to notice; the sooner you discover the illness and start the treatment, the higher the chance that your son or daughter will overcome it.

In order to prevent your little ones from this disease, you should get well-informed about it. Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that influences people’s behavior, thoughts and the way a person sees himself or herself in the world. The first thing parents have to do is to pay much attention to how their kids speak and behave.

schizophrenia in young people

Source: newportacademy.com

The symptoms of schizophrenia in teenagers are close to those usual problems in their age – depressions, rapid changes of mood, and problems with emotional control. However, there are still a few more specific things, which – if noticed – should prompt you to consult a doctor.

    • All teenagers with schizophrenia experience behavioral changes – they can speak a strange language, try to talk to themselves, speech becomes inadequate, they often laugh in the sad situations or cry in the funny ones. They stop caring of themselves, cannot make friends, and become withdrawn from the A kid may start to smoke, drink alcohol or even take drugs.
    • The other changes happen with the way of thinking: they lose concentration, become absent-minded, cannot articulate the adequate sentences and fail to follow one strict topic of discussion. Eventually, children mishmash the real life and scenes from the films they have watched or the books they have read. Teenagers become very suspicious, start suffering from paranoia. Besides, often they have hallucinations and odd ideas – they think that the whole world is against them.
    • The last, but not the least, their emotional conditions differ from the usual. The teenagers with schizophrenia are always irritable, ready to burst into tears at any moment. They cannot control their emotions, often get angry and have a permanent feeling of alarm, which may develop into the panic attacks.

There is a particular divergence between schizophrenia in teenage males and females. Men suffer from this disease in the earlier age, approximately in their 15-20. At the same time, women are more likely to have the same illness when they are 20-25. In addition, the statistics show that men typically experience more severe consequences of the disease. It depends on a particular hormone – Estrogen, which can protect from the sickness or even prevent it. Women have a greater volume of it.

schizophrenia in teensIf your kid shows the signs of schizophrenia, you have to react immediately. First, you, as a parent, have to take the child to the doctor. Do not be in a flap. A qualified therapy and proper medication can lead to a complete or partial recovery. Of course, it will take some time, up to six or even more months. Nevertheless, you can overcome everything with joint efforts. An adequate psychiatrist treatment combined with methods of the medical and family therapies will surely give a positive result. To fight schizophrenia, teenagers usually need a comfort and support. Therefore, do your best, pay much attention to your kid and you’ll be able to overcome even such a harmful disease.

Have you ever faced teen schizophrenia? Tell us in the comment section!

Petra Lipfer
Petra Lipfer is a freelance blogger living in Orlando, Florida. She is passionate about everything concerting writing and the Internet. She is married and has two beautiful kids. She has a degree in Management and has taken several IT courses. Petra is a certified specialist in child online security. She enjoys blogging on everything concerning children, their security and parenthood in general. You can contact

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