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Snapchat Like Apps – What Parents Should Know

October 29, 2015
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Due to messages disappearing in a split second, Snapchat has become one of the most popular applications among teenagers. The very same feature allowing snaps vanish made Snapchat dangerous for kids.

Cyberbullies and online predators found it easy to creep into kids’ favor and victimize them via Snapchat. Moreover, since all messages disappear right away, there remain no evidence of the abuse. That’s why parents should beware of this online chat, and if not preventing kids from using it, at least keeping track of Snapchat with parental controls.

At latest, the concept of vanishing messages was supported by many other app developers. Coming after Snapchat’s success, a lot of them came up with their own solutions seeming useful for users, yet dangerous for kids.

Below, you will find a list of most popular apps similar to Snapchat. Careful parents should consider these services and make sure that their children use them responsibly. And once again, if not forbidding, at least monitoring them.

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1. Wickr. Available for iOS and Android, Wickr provides the same opportunities as Snapchat does. Thus, you can send ‘end-to-end encrypted’ and self-destructive messages containing texts, photos, videos, files etc. All these messages vanish leaving neither trace nor evidence. To find new friends, all you need to do is perform a simple search and add them.

2. Slingshot. The app also allows sending temporary messages. Similar functions, similar threat. The only thing that makes the app different is the ability to respond to a received media with your personally created funny pic or video. But it has nothing to do with child safety. Slingshot is as dangerous as Snapchat for kids.

3. Yovo. This app is potentially much dangerous than Snapchat and its rivals. Messages on Yovo disappear quickly like on Snapchat. However, on Snapchat and other similar services a user can make a screenshot to capture a picture received before it vanishes. That would be enough evidence in case of the abuse. But such an option is eliminated on Yovo. The developers considered it insecure for personal and confidential files. Thus, once a user tries to make a screenshot, the “D-fence” feature runs and distorts the screen blurring the actual content. Yovo leaves your kid with no chance to prove the abuse.

4. Clipchat. The app is so similar to Snapchat that it looks more like a clone of it. Clipchat is simpler, easier, and set to video-sharing by default. Though photo-sharing option is also available. When it comes to the ability of making screenshots, Clipchat has another sophisticated option. It notifies a sender that a user, who had received a message tried to make a screenshot.

5. Cyberdust. This app is also alike Snapchat though includes some advanced opportunities for users. In addition to self-destructive messages, it allows sending stickers, GIFs, animations, and URLs that vanish right away. Users can also write captions to sent and received pictures. All messages are encrypted on Cyberdust. The app notifies if anyone tries to make a screenshot and prevents it from reaching the recipient’s hard disk. Moreover, Cyberdust allows sending group messages that disappear as well. That opens new doors for online offenders for both reaching more victims at a time and spreading abusive content about a bullied person.

There are many more apps that parents should beware available on the Internet. Careful parents should control children’s online activities constantly and never leave them all alone in this endless web. It is dangerous. It is threatening. It is life taking.

Pumpic helps you secure your loved ones and always shows you the truth of what is really going on with your kids. Be sure to monitor their smartphone usage and don’t forget about other devices. Also learn how to monitor their iPad, as they can easily use dangerous apps from it. Sometimes it’s hard for them to share their worries. Sometimes they don’t realize real consequences. Thus, you should always be near.

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