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Social Media Monitoring: Why Do You Need It?

October 27, 2015
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Kids cannot live without social media these days. You can barely find a teenager in the States who doesn’t have at least one online social profile. The majority of them, though, have several profiles often including Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook.

Social networks naturally have both pros and cons. However, forbidding your kids to use them altogether may lead to negative consequences for them such as feeling left out while all of their friends are there. A decision of whether to allow kids to use social network is totally up to parents, but if you decide not to forbid it, you may want to think about a social media monitoring app.

Why monitor?

Trusting your kids is very important, but you need to remember that at young age, they can be naïve and reckless and cannot always make the right decisions.

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Online life has many options for kids to screw up and it is your job as a parent to prevent it. This is where social media monitoring tools for parents may come handy. So, why would you monitor your kids’ online profiles?

  • To prevent cyberbullying. Social media monitoring for parents can be very important in case your kids are bullied or are bullies themselves. You may notice the problem at the early stage and prevent it from growing.
  • To stop sexting. It is hard to believe that your child can be involved in something like sexting, but the statistics say that 39% of teens send sexually explicit messages, so the chances are too high to ignore. Monitoring your kids’ social accounts, you can get notified if certain kinds of words are used so that you can do something about it.
  • To avert predators. Online predators can be as dangerous as those in real life because their ultimate goal is usually to meet up. Kids can be tricked into meeting someone they don’t know not telling you about it. If you use social media monitoring software for parents, you can always know if your kids talk to strangers or if someone suspicious tries to get in contact with them.
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  • To know if there is a trouble. Of it may seem like sneaking, but if your kids have serious problems and are afraid of telling you, you can find everything out by monitoring their profiles. Kids usually write each other about their troubles, so you can read it and help.

Social media monitoring tools would notify you about any misgiving activity and give you enough time to take action. If you allow your kids to have any social media profiles, you should inform them that you will monitor these accounts for their own good. Don’t take any risks and remember that online problems can be as dangerous as offline ones.

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