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Spanking: Necessary Disciplinary Measure or Emotional Trauma

August 24, 2015
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Did you know that about 74% of parents use spanking in their disciplinary practice? However, does it really work and help raise a child to obey parents and become a good person in future? How to define spanking? How hard should it be? How many times? And for what reasons? All these questions remain unanswered more often than not.

If we turn to recent researches, they will tell us that spanking is a discipline measure, a strike on the buttocks with an open hand, which is not supposed to leave any marks or bruises. But how hard should that strike be? Where is this line between such disciplinary action and physical abuse?

Spanking is a very stressful experience. More than 100 studies show that it is not only ineffective, it has strong negative outcomes. It may not show up for years, however, its emotional shock may come in full force at much older age and have horrible results.

Online predators, cyberbullies, murderers, pedophiles, and sexual abusers serve an example of what happens, when kids don’t know what parent love is and are often victims of spanking in childhood.

Does it really help? On one hand you make your children do what you what and obey. On the other one, you lose that parent-kid connection and trust, which ultimately may lead to deprivation or even hatred.

In modern era of technologies one of the major reasons of disobedience is excessive use of gadgets like smartphones and tablets. From one side, parents forbid children to use gadgets. From another one, most kids cannot imagine their time spending without a cell phone in hands. They disobey parents, who from time to time consider spanking the best way of teaching and the wisest solution.

Pumpic is against violence. If children don’t obey parents, they (kids) are not the only ones responsible for that. It’s parents who are to teach and form habits. Meanwhile children are to follow them. As saying goes, if a child cannot learn in the way you teach, you must teach in a way a child can learn.

If you see that your child spends too much time playing games or surfing the Internet, spanking won’t do here. The easiest way to solve the problem is to limit the access and prevent excessive usage by means of parental controls. Pumpic will be much of help here!

Rachel Fowlers
Rachel Flowers is a journalist with a big passion for technologies. She has recently graduated from San Francisco State University and sees herself as a freelance writer. She enjoys blogging about computer and mobile technologies as well as different software. In her free time, she learns coding and foreign languages. Contact .

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