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Student Digital Privacy Bill

June 18, 2015
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It happened! Finally, Congressmen of both Democratic and Republican parties have introduced a comprehensive bill to strengthen students’ digital privacy in Congress in response of the President Obama initiative. The American Federation of Teachers, the School Superintendents Association and the State Educational Technology Directors Association support this bill as it solves the privacy concerns parents and educators have.

The bill entitled the Student Digital Privacy and Parental Rights Act of 2015 is focused on protection of personal information of children from kindergartens through 12th graders. And what is that?

  • A prohibition on sharing students’ personal information to the third parties.
  • A prohibition on using personal information to tailor advertising.
  • A ban on creating personal profiles of students for non-school-related purposes.

What is more important, the bill gives parents a possibility of monitoring and protecting children. With its help, parents will have the access to the information concerning their kids. They will be able to delete personal information of their children that is not necessary for schools and download all materials their children have created. The bill appeals to parents because it will help them prevent personal data leak and reduce a potential risk of commercial exploitation of students’ information.

The law-in-draft gives consideration to the development of educational technology that is integrated in many schools nowadays. As a result, services that create educational products will be able to use collected information without personal identifiers in order to improve its quality.

Today the bill is supported by Microsoft, however, doubtless importance of this project holds out hope that all other tech industry companies will support it.

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