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How to Understand Your Kids: Current Teen Fashion Trends

August 8, 2016
teen fashion trends

Nothing lasts forever. Fashion trends are no exception. Clothes you kids wear today may seem unattractive and bizarre to you. It’s like they have no mirror! Calm down. Don’t be that hard on your children. Remember yourself at their age. You also fought with your parents now and then when choosing a particular shirt or jacket. Your kids are the new generation. It means they behave, feel, and dress in a different way. Give them the right to express their individuality and develop their own style. Do a little research on teenage clothing styles popular today and show your willingness to understand them.

Teen fashion trends you need to be aware of

Baggy clothes

baggy clothes

Source: cloutfit.com

Some boys, as well as some girls, pick baggy clothes as their favorite ones. Why not? It is comfortable and sensible. It is a perfect choice if your teen is a skateboarder or break dancer. Also, some youngsters follow popular rap and hip hop artists in this way. What should you do in such a case? Explore. If you go through fashion magazines, you will see that baggy clothes are one of teen clothing trends. Try to look at this garment from another angle. It helps your teen feel confident and happy, right? Most likely, their taste will change over time. Just be patient.

Total black look

Usually, there are three fundamental reasons why teenagers become such avid fans of total black look. It can be a signal that they suffer from depression. For some teens, the period of adolescence is not that easy. In this case, a psychologist’s assistance may be required. Also, it may be a sign that the teenager is interested in heavy music, or belongs to the gothic subculture. Unless it causes no harm, you don’t have to worry too much about it. Finally, youngsters can like black color as they find it stylish. Today, a lot of celebrities select black as the primary color of their clothing.

Printed T-shirts and apparel

When it comes to fashion clothes for teens, it should be noted that youngsters mostly want to keep up with the times. If Spider-Man and Batman are on the crest of the wave these days, teenagers won’t ignore this fact. They will want to have the image of superheroes on their chest. So you should stop yelling, “You aren’t 5-year-old! Take off the T-shirt right now!” Rather, it says that you don’t care for contemporary art in general and cinema in particular. Take it as an incentive to fill up the gap. Who knows, maybe you will like it too. Respect your child’s hobbies.

Ripped jeans

ripped jeans

Addicted to Internet

Ask anyone to name the most comfortable clothes and you will get an answer “it’s jeans.” It is quite predictable, isn’t? Ripped jeans remain extremely popular for years. Many Hollywood actors and singers love wearing jeans. Chances are when you were a teen you wore them too. Do you remember acid washed jeans? There you go. Of course, jeans is not the best choice for attending school. But what about a walk in the park or going to the movies? It is a cozy and fancy clothing. Let your teen rip the jeans if he or she wants to. We bet you’d prefer this way for your kid to stand out from the crowd rather than getting a tattoo or dying hair green.

Revealing clothes

Does your daughter like to wear short skirts and see-through blouses? She only wants to seem more adult in such a way. Surely, it is inappropriate clothes both for going to school and for a walk with friends. Your teen simply doesn’t realize that it can lead to adverse consequences. Older guys may take it as if she is sexually exposing herself and start hitting on her. Your task is to talk to your daughter and explain the situation to her. Mince your words. Tell her she doesn’t need to wear such revealing clothes to look good. She is already beautiful.

Don’t condemn your child for the way they dress. Instead, try to learn more about trending clothes for teenagers. This will give you a general idea of the subject. Don’t allow your selfishness to ruin the relationship with your child. The authoritarian parenting style rarely works. Ability to find a compromise is crucial here. First and foremost, talk with your teen. The power of a sincere conversation is often underestimated. The right words usually have a positive impact and encourage adolescents to engage in dialogue. Let them express their inner world through clothes.

Do your kids wear such clothes? Share your stories in comments

Petra Lipfer
Petra Lipfer is a freelance blogger living in Orlando, Florida. She is passionate about everything concerting writing and the Internet. She is married and has two beautiful kids. She has a degree in Management and has taken several IT courses. Petra is a certified specialist in child online security. She enjoys blogging on everything concerning children, their security and parenthood in general. You can contact

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