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Common Teenage Problems and How to Deal with Them

January 24, 2017
teen problems

Parenting a teenager is not easy. It is a responsible and hard work, requiring a good deal of patience and understanding. Going through different teenage phases is accompanied by the significant physical and spiritual changes.

Adolescence is no exception. It is the time of rebellion. Youngsters search for their place in the world and pave their road in life. And, of course, they make mistakes along the way. They give in to temptations and run into big and small issues. Keeping a trust-based relationship between parent and child is paramount here. Let’s consider some common teenage problems and solutions to them.

  • Bad Habits

Teenagers believe they are mature enough to smoke cigarettes, drink spirits or take drugs. They do this for several reasons. First of all, it’s trendy. All the bad guys are smoking and drinking. Many youngsters wish to be like them. Nobody wants to be a black sheep. Secondly, it is an easy way to escape from storms of life.

teenage girl


Teenagers run into many difficulties. Family troubles, bullying at school or peer pressure can make their life unbearable. That’s why they find alcohol and drug oblivion so tempting. Thirdly, adolescents adopt bad habits following their parents. If a father is a heavy drinker, his son will likely follow his bad example. Finally, teens get bad habits just out of boredom. They try to escape the daily routine and add colors to their life in such a way.

To help teens battle bad habits, parents need to show their love and care. No judgments. Tell you kid about the danger of drug and alcohol addiction. Talk calmly but confidently. Give advice on this matter.

  • Behavior Problems

Sometimes teens can be obnoxious. They may curse at their parents and do nasty things. They can make a scene without the slightest reason and get on other people’s nerves. They may even run away from home to hang out with a bad company. Introverted kids behave in a different way. They feel lonely and depressed. They tend to withdraw into themselves and ignore parents and peers. Therefore, it is important to find an individual approach to each child.

To deal with adolescent behavior problems, you should remain patient no matter what. Treat your kid as a mature person. Encourage them to find a passion for throwing out their negative emotions. Show your willingness to listen to their concerns. Your child needs you even if he or she doesn’t want to admit it.

  • Cyberspace Addiction

Youngsters are hooked to the Internet these days. 92% of them go online daily, and it’s from their smartphones only. They chat on social media, play games, and watch funny videos. This all seems fine. However, kids tend to forget about the limit. They can surf the Internet all day long. They can text someone when being at school. Some of them keep checking their cell phones even at night.

online addiction in teens


And it’s a real problem. Cyberspace addiction can lead to sleep deprivation and serious mental problems. Teenagers can plunge into a virtual world and, eventually, lose touch with reality. In addition to that, the Internet is full of online predators and cyber criminals.

To overcome Internet addiction, parents should monitor their kids’ online activity. It’s quite simple to do with parental control apps. You can do it with apple iCloud tracking or any other comfortable for you way. It would be good to reduce the time of smartphone usage and make a clear schedule. Don’t be afraid to set the strict rules and establish boundaries. The end justifies the means.

  • Depressed Mood

Children in their teen years are prone to seclude from the outside world. They ignore their family and refuse to discuss their problems. It’s because they may suffer from depression, which makes them feel empty, hopeless, and downhearted. The reasons for this are varied. These can be problems such as school issues, poor health, hormonal changes, cyberbullying, negative peer influence, etc. The biggest danger here is that a severe and prolonged depression can lead to suicide.

The possible signs of depression are as follows: apathy, lack of appetite, insomnia, reticence, and wearing all black clothing. If you recognized those symptoms, make a move. Ask your child to share their feelings with you. Come up with a new hobby together. Teach them to appreciate the small things in life.

Now you know how to deal with teenagers and their problems in a smart way. Help your kid go through this stage of life as smoothly as possible. And remember one thing. Love and support can do wonders.

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