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To Monitor or Not to Monitor?

June 23, 2015
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Today it is hard to find a kid without a smartphone, tablet or PC. Even a toddler nowadays can be an advanced user of a digital device and there is no saying so about their parents.

Active usage of the Internet resulted in a situation when a kid sooner or later would see something inappropriate on websites or receive a suspicious email from a stranger who may be an online predator. Parental control applications are destined to become a shield between cyberbullies, predators, inappropriate content and children. However, is it really necessary to control kids’ locations or track calls? It is time to evaluate pros and cons of parental control apps.


  • Remote monitoring enables parents to keep track of all activities of their kids and stop them, if necessary, when it seems that children expose themselves to dangers.
  • Reviewing of conversations is the best way to protect children from cyberbullying, sexting, and online harassment. The issue is really important because according to the statistics almost a half of children from 4 to 8 grades became victims of cyberbullying in some way.
  • Parents don’t worry about where kids are because they know their location perfectly well at the moment thanks to GPS tracking.


  • When using parental control apps secretly, parents can destroy trust-based relationships with their children.
  • Trying to protect your child from everything you will harm your child – it is impossible to control and protect kids forever. Someone can even say that with help of such apps parents just postpone an inevitable.
  • No software is 100% effective – along with blocking harmful content the app can also block useful information or conversely show something inappropriate.
  • Many apps are easy to detect and uninstall – as a result, they are not effective at all.
  • Parents over-relay on applications and forget about their duties.
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