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Useful Digital Recipes for Careful Parents

October 9, 2015
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Kids and mobile devices with many various applications on them have become inseparable these days. And since to deprive children of all these gadgets seems to be impossible, parents can at least make technologies work the way to help them keep children safe.

We have gathered some useful recipes from on how to turn kids’ mobile devices into a protection tool in hands of careful parents. By connecting different products and applications, you get creative control over your child’s smartphone or tablet. Read below recipes, set up connections on your kids’ devices and take care of your loved ones remotely.

location services

  • Recipe #1: Track how much time your kids spend at a certain location. Connected with location services, the data is logged into Google Calendar for you to know where and for how long your kids have been.

using Foursquare

  • Recipe #2: If your children like using Foursquare as soon as they go anywhere, you can use this recipe to connect the app to Google Calendar and see the list of where they have checked-in during a day.

email notifications

  • Recipe #3: This useful recipe allows your children to let you know by email when they are heading home with one and only tap on the touchscreen. Thus, you will not worry when they are going to be back home any longer.

monitor tweets

  • Recipe #4: There are so many dangers online and it’s so important to control what your kids do on social media. With this useful recipe, all of your children’s Tweeter posts will be stored on Google Drive for you to monitor them for inappropriate content.

monitor photos

  • Recipe #5: Not less important is to monitor photos your kids take and download from the Internet. This recipe will let you view pics from your child’s smartphone or tablet sent to your email. Thus, you will notice whether your kids store inappropriate photos or are engaged into misgiving activities.

remember to call back

  • Recipe #6: This amazing recipe will be helpful for both you and your children. As soon as you miss an incoming call, a reminder is added to Google Calendar for you to not forget to call back. Thus, you and your kids will always remember to call back if missed or didn’t hear the phone rang.

find lost phone

  • Recipe #7: A good way to find the phone you don’t remember where is left is to send SMS and enable its ringtone. Check out this recipe for your kids to never lose their phones.

prevent night talks

  • Recipe #8: Prevent your children from night talks and waking up if the phone rings. This recipe allows switching a ringtone off when it’s time to go to bed.

monitor texting activities

  • Recipe #9: As a careful parent you should monitor your kids’ texting activities. Thus, you will prevent them from reading bad words and notice if they receive any threats or misgiving SMS. With this useful recipe, all new text messages your kids receive are saved in Google Spreadsheet for you to view them and control.

monitoring online activities

  • Recipe #10: Turning back to the importance of monitoring online activities and social networks, the following recipe allows you to view all photos your kids post on Instagram downloaded to your Dropbox folder. Prevent your children from sharing inappropriate content.

The significance of parental control is difficult to overestimate. Applying preventive measures listed above will help you secure your children and protect them from dangers in advance.

Sure, setting up all of the aforementioned recipes may seem time taking. Thankfully, Pumpic is the all-in-one solution that allows parents to control their kids’ daily activities of all kinds from one and only Control Panel with only one installation required. The Pumpic app combines all monitoring features careful parents really need to keep kids safe. It includes:

  • Location tracking (real-time and route history);
  • Browsing activity control (with a blocking websites option);
  • Social media and chat monitoring (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, Kik, and Skype);
  • Monitoring of multimedia files (photos and videos);
  • Call logs and Text message tracking (incoming and outgoing with ability to block calls and SMS);
  • And even more than 24 useful monitoring features you will surely appreciate!

Consider Pumpic as your parental control application and rest assured your kids are safe. Keep your eyes open!

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