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Best Video Games for Kids to Play

November 21, 2016
best kids games

Despite being initially considered as fun for the kids only, today video games are extremely popular among grown-ups as well. They are widely spread, too, due to the availability on multiple platforms – PCs, laptops, game consoles, smartphones, and other mobile devices. People almost of any age and generation can find something exciting for themselves.

Yet, many games may appear to be too spooky, disturbing or violent for the youngsters. Moreover, every parent knows that hours-long sitting in front of PC or with a smartphone in hands brings no good to children. Although you can’t completely ban video games, you can monitor and choose the best kids games for your little one.

Here’s a list of top kids games for PC and smartphone.

Games for PC


Minecraft game


Being one of the most famous contemporary games, Minecraft is especially popular among teen boys. One can explore “the world” around him and build absolutely anything he wants with pixel-like parts. The player only should beware of monsters. In general, this game is quiet and suits great for introvert kids, or for anyone who likes to spend a long relaxing evening indoors. By the way, be sure to take a look at other people stunning Minecraft creations on Youtube videos.


SimCity is a city-building and urban planning simulator. It lets the players create a small settlement and gradually grow it into a huge city. The latest version of the game – SimCity5, released in 2013, has a better and more detailed graphics. It’s also a multiplayer online game, which requires constant Internet connection and therefore may have some bugs and problems with saving results. The next version will appear in 2018.

The Sims

The-Sims game


The Sims is extremely popular among girls but probably are known for everyone else, too. This game lets you create and control an unlimited amount of characters, give them personal features, traits of character, choose jobs for them and even allow them to fall in love, create families and have babies! Sounds exciting, isn’t it? Your children will definitely enjoy it.


FIFA is a series of soccer simulator games. The first release happened in 1993, and the latest version came just around a month ago, in September 2016. Needless to say how popular this game is among all soccer lovers. So if your boy or girl are football fans, they will love FIFA for sure. By the way, this game is available not only on PC but also on any mobile devices and game consoles.

Rayman Legends

Having won several awards and being praised by critics for its visuals, content, soundtrack and gameplay, Rayman Legends is considered to be one of the best video games for kids. Your little ones will like the adventures of a fictional character Rayman and his friends.

Little Big Planet

Little Big Planet game


One more of the awesome kids’ video games is an award-winning Little Big Planet. This game offers unique visuals, great graphics, video, gameplay and an extensive list of customizable features. With the main character of the Little Big Planet – Sackboy or Sackgirl, a kid solves many exciting puzzles and can even edit the existing levels and create the new ones. The latest Little Big Planet 3 offers new interesting characters.

Games for Smartphones

Cut the Rope series

A funny and cute little alien Om Nom is interested in nothing else but eating candy. Kids should help him to get the treat on various levels. The original game for smartphones Cut the Rope and its latest versions are incredibly exciting and gained a well-deserved popularity.

Angry Birds series

Angry Birds game


It’s needless to tell much about this game. Probably most of the people have heard of it at least once. Angry Birds doesn’t leave game ratings’ tops since 2009. Both adults and children enjoy going through various levels, solving puzzles, opening up new characters and their abilities.

LEGO games

LEGO has produced some really wonderful games for kids tailoring comic books, Star Wars and their own series called Nexo Knights. Every game has great graphics and mechanics, is interesting and easy to explore and play. Be it LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, Marvel Super Heroes, Hobbit or Star Wars series, the time spent playing will definitely be fun.

Fast like a Fox

An innovative and original game lets a kid control a little quick red fox running on different backgrounds and overcoming most different kinds of obstacles. The game can be played not only by touching the screen with fingers but also by tapping the back of the phone. Beautiful graphics and an interesting plot make this game even more pleasing for children.




A game featuring one of the latest Disney cartoons “Zootopia” lets a child investigate “crimes” and solve lots of interesting puzzles together with the main characters of the cartoon – Judy the Bunny and Nick the Fox. The game helps to develop memory and logical thinking. Kids who liked the similarly-named animated movie will be especially happy to play this game.

Next time when your children are eager to play some cool video games, you’ll be there with the whole list of the best ones ready for them. Just keep in mind that kids shouldn’t spend too much time in front of the screen.

American Academy of Pediatrics says that parents should control the screen time for their children themselves, but the best variant is no more than 1 hour or less per day of high-quality programming. You should make sure your kids don’t play too much and when they play, they play safe.

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