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Wearable Tracking Devices: Security Risks

December 12, 2014
tracking devices

Soon after the Canadian attorney decided to use Fitbit data to prove his client wasn’t scamming the insurance company, the world started numerous discussions in terms of fitness tracking privacy risks.

Overall, the concept lies in data collection through an analytics platform that compares wearable with an activity data. In this article we will go through major pros and cons of using tracking devices.


According to the latest poll, the one major pro of using wearable tracking devices is healthcare. The majority of people, see tracking devices as a great device to tack general activity and exercise level. In the case with Canadian attorney, the client was able to prove his physical disability by collecting data through fitness tracking device, which saved his money and social position.

motivate to exercise icon It is said to motivate the person to exercise regularly. Fitness devices track workouts, which includes tracking of movement, heart-rate, calories burned and the difficulty applied during workout. It measures miles, sets up alarms to “move” and diagnoses the most appropriate time for workout, known as an active time.

perfect for sport icon
Some of the activity tracking devices are waterproof and contain remote control for music which is perfect for hobby-runners and pull goers.


stages of sleep icon Fitness devices like Fitbit, Misfit Shine and Jawbone Up track sleeping time to evaluate the deepest and the lightest stages of sleep. It helps diagnose sleeping disorders like OSA (obstructive sleep apnea), which is associated with weight gain, heart blood pressure, diabetes and even a stroke.


It goes without saying that there a lot of people, concerned of the personal privacy. They see monitoring devices as one of the major human rights violation.

fitness security risks icon There are several fitness security risks that come from distrust to devices in general. According to Neda Shakoori, McManis Faulkner attorney, who leads an eDiscovery initiative: “I could be sitting at desk shuffling my feet and the device could track that as me walking for three hours or walking three miles a day”.


collecting information icon
Each of the devices collects their own information, stating the case of fitbit insecure position, which makes it difficult to compare the data with people who use the device and those who don’t.


data security icon Another concern is that the companies monitoring your devices have information on the mileage the person is covering, time, physical data and location. The problem comes from tracking apps safety. Very few companies assure of the data security. It is clear that the information can be hacked and sold to the third party.


violation and robbery iconAnd at last, the wearable devices security risk is that the data can be used against clients. It may increase violation and robbery as people tracking the target device will know exactly where the person is at the moment.

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