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Apps Parents Need to Know About: What Is ooVoo App?

June 24, 2016
ooVoo application

From a multitude of messaging applications, there is the one that has become immensely popular among children. It is called ooVoo. First launched in 2014, the ooVoo app shortly became a favorite chat platform for kids to be on. Well, some adults don’t even know about it, and many parents still ask what is ooVoo app?

So, ooVoo is an application used for video chats, messaging, and transferring files between users. One of the most prominent ooVoo features much beloved by children is the ability of a group video chat with up to 12 people. The ooVoo app can be installed and used on various platforms; no matter if a device is operated by iOS, Android, or it is a regular Windows or Mac computer/laptop. Besides, there is an online version of the app, available from any browser that has access to the Internet. For parents and the older generation to create a clear picture of the app, ooVoo is much like Skype.

oovoo app for teens


Most of all, ooVoo is used by tweens, teens, and students over 20. Children prefer this app because it is very easy to install, use, manage contacts – and it has a free version. The purposes of using ooVoo are different:

  • Throw video parties and hang out with friends.
  • Organize study groups.
  • one-on-one communication.
  • Send private messages or create group text chats.
  • Send photos, videos, or other media content.

The primary goal of the ooVoo app is to enable group video chats. However, there are also apps like ooVoo that feature similar functionality. KIK, Snapchat, Tango, Viber, Hangouts and many more offer the ability to find, contact people, and video chat with them. However, just like with different social and online communication services, there are certain threats behind a nice ooVoo curtain.

The first and most common issue of modern services is privacy. A parent may wonder, is ooVoo safe for kids? The answer will be this: just like other messaging apps or social networks. It is paramount to adjust privacy setting in ooVoo and keep usernames private. When creating an ooVoo account, it is crucial not to use full names, phone numbers, and addresses available publicly. Also, prompt children not to use profile photos taken in a place where a kid hangs out a lot because that would let other people know about their location. There are cyber bullies and other strangers looking for easy access to and luring a kid into a vile and inappropriate adventure.

In order to protect a kid from unknown people on ooVoo, it is important to change the accounts private settings. By default, anyone within ooVoo can get a hold of you. Adjust the search settings and let only those who has your kid’s e-mail or ooVoo ID contact him or her. As an option, it is also possible to disable the ooVoo account for everyone, and only personally add those you know or need to contact.

Then, if your kid receives an undesired contact request or inappropriate invitation, there is a great option to block and report a user. A stranger won’t be able to contact your child once blocked. Moreover, an intimidated or harassed teen should report the person to ooVoo.

video call via ooVoo


In addition, any online activity can be recorded, saved, and forwarded to other parties. There are many apps that allow recording videos or snapping pictures, be it in ooVoo or some other chat. So, talk to your kids, and help them remember that it is essential to think before doing or saying something. The undesired moment can be easily captured and instantly spread online.

One of free ooVoo account frustrating features is displaying many advertisements. Sadly, but often ads popping out on the screen can carry an adverse or inappropriate message, attracting children to check it out. If you are concerned about constant ads, a $4.99 year payment plan will make an ooVoo account ad-free.

Sometimes kids have group ooVoo chats at a friend’s house or in a public place. They have to remember, that it is imperative to log out after finishing the chat. Even if they use ooVoo online, closing a window won’t log out the application itself. Anyone having access to the device can muddle up the ooVoo profile left logged in.

In conclusion, it is worth saying that ooVoo is actually a great communication tool and can be considered quite safe when used wisely. Surely, it is exposed to online threats like any other app, although when managing personal profile settings smartly and adding contacts carefully, ooVoo becomes useful and for some purposes even beneficial.

Does your kid use ooVoo? Share your stories with us!

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