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What Is Parental Control?

October 26, 2015
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Though it seems to be clear from the phrase itself, many people still wonder, “What is parental control.” Let’s dedicate a few paragraphs to introduce the meaning and explain it in terms of mobile monitoring software.

Generally, parental control refers to a set of measures parents use to take care of their kids and prevent them from possible risks they may face every now and then. When you don’t let your child go to and play football with friends until homework is done, it is parental control. When you allow your son or daughter play computer games only one or two hours a day, it also is parental control.

However, more often than not, parental control is used in terms of special monitoring software designed to protect children on modern devices. Thus, if you type “parental control” in a browser search box, you will find it to be features used to make gadgets childproof.

Most devices we have today are made for adults. And the target audience is mainly adults. At the same time, the things that adults can use and see are not always the same that kids are supposed to face. Thus, parental controls are applied to prevent the underage from content and activities they shouldn’t get in touch with until they hit allowed age.

In terms of mobile monitoring software, parental control is used to describe programs, which help parents secure their children. For example, if you don’t want your kid to access restricted content on the Internet via his or her smartphone, all you need to do is install the Pumpic parental control app on it and block inappropriate websites.

Parental control in terms of mobile monitoring usually answers the question “how to track your kids phone.” Thus, with features parental controls comprise you can follow many activities including tracking location. In addition, you can view call logs, text messages received and sent, social media communication, online chats. Moreover, you can manipulate your kids’ devices, set block, and limits to control their cell phone use.

Thus, if you still hesitating how to monitor kids phone, Pumpic parental control is what you need.

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