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Whisper App: What Do Parents Need to Know?

September 27, 2016
whisper application

Whisper is one of those apps that entitles its users with a lot of freedom. Being allegedly anonymous, the Whisper app is extremely fancied by teens and tweens. At their awkward age, it is essential to have an opportunity to express themselves, share thoughts and ideas. In this regard, children can post an anonymous message using Whisper, and thus, unleash their feelings or concerns, find supporters, and acquire new connections.

So, what is Whisper app? It is a free social networking software available for iOS and Android devices, plus a website Whisper.sh that allows users to share secrets without being identified. The Whisper post comes in the form of an image macro: a user places a text expression over a custom image and publishes the “whisper” to a real-time posts stream. To be short and to the point, “personal” secrets and confessions are shared and responded to anonymously in this app. In general, children are so infatuated with Whisper because it allows to:

  • Anonymously share thoughts and secrets with anyone;
  • Express themselves honestly and openly;
  • Discover the unspoken world around them;
  • Have access to a vast photos and fonts collection or even upload own pictures;
  • Comment to whispers and enjoy instant social interaction;
  • Communicate through a free private messaging feature.

To start using Whisper, a user creates an account, chooses an alias and a pin-code to access private messages. Then the app grants access to a public stream of photos with “secrets” laid over them. Posts can also be browsed by categories. A user can see who posted a “whisper” and comment to one publicly or via the direct private message.

whisper messages

Source: dukelong.com

Furthermore, it is possible to scroll through certain person’ past posts and see if there is anything they have in common to undertake a friendship or connection. Besides, if the GPS access is given to the app, a user can check posts that were created in the vicinity.

Pretty neat, isn’t it? However, when making covert posts with Whisper, a child is not protected from multiple online threats. Thus, the Whisper app takes a valid place in the list of apps parents should know about and take precautions. Kids consider Whisper to be harmless when sharing secrets or just silly pictures with texts, but indeed the consequences are never predictable. Besides, a silly post may offend other people. Nothing that is transmitted over the internet is totally anonymous, even if it is stated to be. So, since it can be unsafe for young ones, there are some things parents absolutely need to keep in mind about Whisper.

If granted relevant permission, Whisper may access the location of a user, and this info will show up together with a post. Then, users can be easily filtered by location, which is a step forward for online predators and cyberbullies.

Unfortunately, children’s online behavior is often careless and thoughtless. When publishing a post, they may divulge their private information, and thus put themselves at risk. When posting a “whisper,” they might also choose to take a photo of themselves or upload their personal image. This post may be captured by an undesired party and lead to unforeseen results.

The app’s anonymity facet allows users to post anything they desire, and this may often be used for intimidation or revenge. Children can be either really insolent at their age or very shy and impressive. Thus, for the former ones it’s a chance to cyberbully without being disguised, and the latter ones will obviously suffer and may get discouraged.

Even if the GPS location is negated, Internet culprits may still reach out for a kid to accomplish their insidious plans. By making vile, obscene posts or just appealing statements, it is easy to impact a child or just win the interest to facilitate further connection.

whispe app

Source: 15minutenews.com

Via Whisper messaging users interact behind the actual scene of the app. Also, the feature is pin-protected, so correspondence is available strictly to the user. Apparently, via private messaging a lot of stuff may come through, and it is imperative for parents to keep tabs on that feature.

Besides, social networking is intensively used for adult-oriented purposes. Thus, in Whisper some users also try to carry out their sex goals, and these posts can be faced by children.

Now, after being acquainted with the Whisper mobile app, parents should remember about the flipside of using this social network. To keep kids out of online peril, communication and online safety education are a key to success. Besides, with extensive parental control solutions modern technology offers, it’s become possible to monitor the real-time Internet activity of your beloved kids, prevent potential online threats, and keep both children and parents secure.

Do your teens use Whisper? Share your insights in comments!

Petra Lipfer
Petra Lipfer is a freelance blogger living in Orlando, Florida. She is passionate about everything concerting writing and the Internet. She is married and has two beautiful kids. She has a degree in Management and has taken several IT courses. Petra is a certified specialist in child online security. She enjoys blogging on everything concerning children, their security and parenthood in general. You can contact

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