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Why You Should Use a Locator App for iPhone

May 31, 2015
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Technology is aimed to make lives easier, especially for parents. Being a modern parent is hard enough. You have to deal with enormous amount of stress, cope with your job and somehow raise your kids. While we may be indifferent to technology, our children are the fastest learners in this sphere.

According to the latest statistics, modern kids spend around 3 hours online with 90% of it via smartphones. Even the little ones carry cell phones with them and there is a good reason why they do. Cell phones give parents additional freedom as we can call and make sure our kids are safe. But what should we do if our children are not responding? Should we call 911 in a crying jag or simply wait for our kids to get home?

Luckily, there is an alternative, thanks to the constantly developing technology we have family locator app for iPhone, which shows real-time location of our child 24/7. Family locator app keeps track of your child’s route and allows you to view his/her precise location on the map. In addition, you can set so-called safe-zones for school, home or even your mother’s house. Each time your child leaves these preselected zones, you will receive an alert message on your cell phone.

iPhone family locator app is easy to install in three simple steps, you can start tracking your child’s GPS location right after the installation. All data will be sent to your personal panel, you can access the panel through PC or a cell phone.

If you decide to install family tracking app for iPhone, search for reviews and additional information. Parental control applications like Pumpic include family locator, call logs, text messages, contact list and social media monitoring as well. You can prohibit access to adult websites and block unwanted numbers from reaching your child’s number in future.

Technology was made to make our lives easier and there is no reason why we should forgo.

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